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It's encores and results!

I don't know which is the worst elimination...being first out or just missing the finale by one spot.  

There was a lot to like about last night's dances.  I'm going to resist the temptation to show you all of it and just pick what we liked best.  Sorry for the long clips.

BOOTS!!!  Oh...and there was a Paso Doble in there too, from Erin and Maks, that earned a score of 29.  BOOTS!!! 

The Argentine Tango from Nicole and Derek earned a perfect score of 30 and easily could have been our pick for dance of the night.

Evan and Anna danced a magnificent Paso Doble that earned a perfect score of 30 and would have been our pick for dance of the night.

We pass over the perfection of the Tango and Paso for the delightful Foxtrot from Evan and Anna, which earned a score of 29 but maybe should have been a 30.

Now that's some great stuff gang!

Results right away...Evan and Anna are in the performance finale.

HA!  Tom Bergeron called the Fabulous Mirror Ball trophy the Glitter Ball of Glory.

The judges select the Paso Doble from Evan and Nicole as the dance to see again.  We agree!

We're getting some great videos about our remaining four pros and their early history.  

Sarah McLachlan is in the ballroom, performing a medley of hits, accompanied by the always wonderful husband and wife team of Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts, as well as Dmitry, Lacey, Damian, and Kim.

Macy's Stars of Dance presents our Design-A-Dance.  Fans went to the website during the season to select two former celebrity contestants, the song, the dance, and the costumes.  Our performance pairs Melissa Rycroft with Joey Fatone in a Tango to the music of KISS.  Yes, I did say a Tango to KISS.  People, this is ridiculous.  We do not Tango to I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.

To TPTB...either retire this Design-A-Dance or be smart next time and over-ride any dumb choices by the fans.  Sheesh!

The college dance teams are back!  Let's hope this is a better showing than that Tango.  

Purdue is in the final.  Let's see who joins them.

First up, it's the team from Rutgers dancing Cha Cha Cha.  This formation team has only been together for a month.  I like this dance because it's classic Cha Cha Cha.  All the basics are there.  The diagonal form is excellent and they did a pretty good job with pattern changes.  I didn't really see the synchronization issues the judges pointed out.  Doesn't mean they weren't there...just that I didn't see them.  They really only made three forms, but those they did quite well.  The dancing was a bit deliberate, but generally they were clean.  The performance energy could have been a little better.  Great job for a new team.  Judges say 7's across for a total of 21.

Next is the team from Utah Valley University dancing Cha Cha Cha.  UVU offers a Bachelor's Degree in ballroom dance.  This team is hard core.  I love the pattern changes and advanced moves.  The performance level is very high and they have the difficulty to match in their choreography.  These kids are terrific.  I didn't care for the quick cuts to multiple camera angles because I wanted to see the formations.  From technique to the clean and precise lines to strong choreography, this group had it all.  The were crisp and polished.  Judges say 10,9,10 for a total of 29.

Now the audience votes kick in to see which team will face Purdue next week.

Mylie Cyrus is in the ballroom, performing her single Can't Be Tamed.  I have nothing to say about it.

Here we go.  Someone is about to be the 100th elimination.

Nicole and Derek are in the performance finale.  Erin and Maks are in the performance finale.

That means Chad and Cheryl are out.

I'll say it again...props to the man for working and respecting the competition.  I still don't like him, but his dancing Monday night was good and worthy of the Final Four.

Tune in next week when our remaining three couples will have four dances to perform on the quest for that Glitter Ball of Glory!  Anything can happen...don't miss it!

Usually the goal of any road team in a playoff series is to try and take one of the first two games.  That allows the road team to steal home court advantage.  The Celtics took both game 1 and game 2 on Orlando's home floor, putting the defending Eastern Conference champs in a huge hole as the series shifts to Boston for games 3 and 4.

My Lakers are back in action against Phoenix in game 2 of the Western Conference final.  LA leads the series 1-0.


  1. Dianne says:

    what a night!! LOL

    my gut feeling is that Nicole is going to win which I guess is fine with me - she is amazing and Derek is an incredible choreographer

  1. Believe it or not - I watched the whole episode. As you know, I prefer to check here for the results because it's less painful. But I'm working through actual pain issues right now, and I couldn't get on the computer at all last night - headed straight for the couch, and before I knew it my husband had turned on DWTS, so there I was.

    I also enjoyed the background clips about the professional dancers. The fact that Maks is originally from Odessa explains everything!

  1. Jamie says:

    Truly looking forward to the finals this year. Your write ups have been a real highlight of the seaon. Next year you should go pro for the world.

  1. Trav: Thanks for the summary and the clips. Almost like seeing the whole thing. I really think Sarah McLachlan is a classy gal. I'll have to try and catch the show next week - if Goodnight doesn't have too much homework.

  1. Marsha says:

    They got it right!

  1. He surprised me with the passion and professionalism he showed. Took me by surprise because I expected Mr 15 to not care at all

    Should be a good final indeed

  1. Dianne: I think Nicole and Derek have earned it. But then maybe so have Evan and Anna. We'll see how the fans go. Erin and Maks could sneak in for the win.

    Julia: I'm sorry you're having real pain. Pain sucks.

    Jamie: Thanks. I think this is going to be a great finale.

    GGG: I enjoyed Sarah. And this is an event! One night away from homework is ok, right?

    Marsha: I think it's a good final 3.

    V: Agreed!

  1. Linda says:

    I give Chad credit for doing a good job and for accepting his loss like a true gentleman. It's got to be tough to work that hard and come that close but like he said, he's already a winner and that's a great mindset to have.

    I'd love to see Evan pull off the win but I get the feeling there are too many men out there voting for Nicole and not even watching the dancing - though she has been doing wonderfully. And present company is definitely excluded on that!

  1. JohnH985 says:

    Wow, I've been away for a week or so, no internet access and when I come back you have a whole new home. I like it! Very nice, sir.