Five on Friday Set 15

Posted: Friday, May 07, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I am a proud member in good standing of Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol. This week I want to share some of his early original work.

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The Fall and In Your Time appeared on Taylor's first CD called In Your Time, self-released in 1997.

The Deal, Hell of a Day, and Heart and Soul appeared on Taylor's second CD called Under the Radar, self-released in 2005.

Except for Hell of a Day, each of these songs also appears on the 2008 release Early Works. Hell of a Day appears as a bonus track on Taylor's first post-Idol CD, Taylor Hicks, released in 2006.

Soul Patrol!

If you'd like to join us in the musical fun, the guidelines are basic and simple.

1. Grab the banner, make your post title Five on Friday, and be sure to link back here.
2. Go to to make your play list of five songs. You may choose a particular theme to share with us, or post random tunes if that's your vibe for the day. You can simply post the play list, or you can add a little summary about what you are sharing.
2a. Don't feel restricted by the tracks listed on You're welcome to use any type of media to share your Sets.
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Go forth and enjoy music!


  1. I'm at work, sneaking a few minutes in before my official day starts, to sign up on Mr. Linky - so I won't be able to groove to your tunes until tonight. But I'll be back once I have!

    Today I've got a more traditional east coast music set with a celtic flair.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy listenig to Mr. Hicks' early works......... he has a unique sound that appeals to my audio senses. Who knew !!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay!!!! I know him!!! I like him!!! I feel like a nerd when I stop by and don't recognize the artist or the songs . . . but Hicks? Heck yes!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    p.s. He was my fav thru the whole season. Saw his audition and never waivered. His voice is distinct and he never got beat down by the feedback.

  1. Mac says:

    Thanks for highlighting Taylor and his earlier works. He's still out there working it, trying to win new fans one at a time!

  1. Jamie says:

    Not being an idol fan, I have to confess to not being familiar with Mr. Hicks. I'll make it a point to listen to everything today.

    I went with Fats Waller on the juke box and a video of the wonderful Nell Carter.

  1. Marilyn says:

    I hadn't heard those before. I really enjoyed them.

  1. My friend, I don't think I've ever heard a Taylor Hicks song. I don't even know if Taylor Hicks is male or female. I have heard the name and I think it had something to do with American Idol.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting Taylor's Early Works! The man has a magnificent spirit and great voice! I'm also impressed with his songwriting skills. Nice.

  1. toffee says:

    I have these two older albums and Taylor was always a hidden treasure. Love his voice and his multitalented skills as an entertainer. I have been watching his DVD, Whomp at the Warfield---amazing. I am looking forward to see what Taylor has is store for his future plans.

  1. Julie says:

    Good job baby! Love these songs...but I'm not certain that you're in good standing. You need to check the bylaws. **giggles**

  1. tishlp says:

    Thanks for featuring Taylor's early music. I love his music and his voice. That version of The Fall is my favorite.

  1. Great Set Sir...excellent choice

  1. Travis says:

    Julia: I hope you do get a chance to come back. I love to share Taylor's music!

    Glats: Lots of people end up feeling the same way once they've given him a listen.

    GGG: Sweet! Stand up Soul Patrol Sister!!

    Mac: I do my part to find new listeners when and where I can!

    Jamie: I think you might like Taylor.

    Marilyn: Glad to hear it!

    Charles: Taylor is a gray haired soul man and he was the winner of American Idol Season 5.

    Anon: Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Toffee: I bought both IYT and UTR within days of Taylor's audition in Vegas. I was hooked from the moment he opened his mouth.

    Julie: Bylaws??? Well let's see...listen to Taylor daily, purchase everything he releases, spread the word to potential new fans, see him live, say "wooooo" at least 3 times a day, never dye any of my gray hairs, and dance like mad when the mood strikes. Check 'em all off baby...I am in good standing!!

    Tishlp: I like both versions of The's such an amazing song. One thing I love about Taylor is that his songs sound a bit different each time he plays them.

    V: I thought so.

  1. The Deal and In Your Time are my favorites today, Travis. Always a fun way to unwind from the week, listening to the 5 on Friday tunes!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Taylor is my favorite voice around and I wish more could hear him. Hell of a Day is just a great song. Love all his songs.