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Posted: Friday, June 25, 2010 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to encores and results!

I thought Wednesday's performance show was solid and entertaining.  I don't think there were any real moments, but there was plenty to like.

Although I thought the basic Fosse elements were a little lacking, there was still plenty to enjoy in the Broadway routine from Alex and All Star Lauren.  Click here if the clip doesn't play.

Kent and All Star Courtney may not have portrayed their characters as Tyce Diorio and the judges expected, but I thought they had an excellent performance in this Jazz piece.  Click here if the clip doesn't play.

Lauren struggled a bit last week, but she bounced back well with an emotional lyrical hip hop routine.  Pairing up with All Star Dominic, I'm giving Lauren dance of the night honors.  Click here if the clip doesn't play.

So that was Wednesday.  What happened last night?

Well, first we had an outstanding group number from our Top 10 choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.

Cat was stunning with the wavy hair and a little black dress that showed off plenty of LEGSSES.

Let's get our results.  Kent is safe.  AdeChike is safe.  Alex is safe.  Jose is safe.  Ashley is safe.  Lauren is safe.  Billy is safe.

The bottom three is Cristina, Melinda, and Robert.

I knew the guys were strong.  For some reason, the gals are not connecting with least not enough to get the votes.  I cannot imagine any scenario where the judges would not save Robert.  And Cristina is just too good to be in the bottom for the first two weeks.  So I suspect that this is Melinda's final dance.  We shall see.

But first, Brian Gaynor visits SYTYCD.  This young man is so inspiring.  He has severe scoliosis but he doesn't let that stop him from being an amazing pop locker.  Last night he hit the stage with his crew, Remote Control.  All I can say about what they did is WOW.  Click here if the clip doesn't play.

Here are the solos from our bottom three:
  • Cristina - hot hot hot
  • Melinda - I've seen better tappers
  • Robert - that wasn't a great solo, but he needs to stay regardless
Hey!  Our All Stars get to dance with this week's musical guest...Debbie Nova.  Sweet!  Well done Ade, Neil, Mark, Courtney, Comfort, and Lauren.  

Here we go with eliminations.  The decision is not unanimous.

Nigel tells Robert that it would have been easy to tell him he was going home based on the guy/gal balance.  But Robert is safe.  Nigel tells Melinda that the public is not connecting with her, and he would send her home.  But Mia and Adam saved her.  

So that means Cristina is out.  

I agreed with Nigel this time.  I'm not sure Melinda should have been saved over Cristina based on the solo, so it must have been down to the body of work outside her own style.  I do have to say that Melinda is more versatile than I expected, and I enjoy her more when she's not tapping.

Nigel had some nice things to say to Cristina, but she is on her way home nonetheless.  That leaves us with 6 guys and 3 gals returning next week.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Marsha says:

    I agree with you, it should have been Malinda that went home. She has not connected with the audience (or me) and Nigel has told her that several times.

    And Cat stop asking the judges if they are 'surprised' by someone being in the bottom 3.......SOMEBODY has got to go so all but one will eventually be in this position.

    Guys are stong this year!

  1. I don't watch it but I'll take your word for it but I know the sight of Cat's legs are show stopping nonetheless. I bow to her legginess.