The Country Gentlemen return

Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010 by Travis Cody in

These fine furry fellows are back for a final three week stay pending relocation with my folks, who have been able to sell their place so they can move back down to Arizona.  They've been happiest in the Grand Canyon state, and I'm pleased that they're getting to move back.

The move is a bit sad for me.  I came up to Washington State so I could be close to my mom and stepdad.  I knew when I moved up here that they were unlikely to make this their last permanent retirement residence.  I knew how much they loved Arizona and figured they would eventually go back.

But it was good timing for me to leave California.  I've enjoyed being just a couple hours up I-5 from them.  We've seen a lot of the state together, had terrific conversations, and enjoyed being a family for the last five years.  And I've made a successful transition, putting down some pretty strong roots here outside of Seattle.  So while I'm sad to see them go, I'm pleased for them and for myself.

And I got to meet these gentlemen.  That's quite a bonus.

Plus, it gives Pam and I a terrific vacation destination next year.  We're already planning a week in July so we can see the last Harry Potter film together.


  1. aww, cute cats :) Have a great week.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    You have a very positive outlook to the move so it will work out just fine. :)

  1. Mags says:

    You have such a great outlook on things. While it's sad they will be farther away, you'll have a great time visiting!

  1. Barb says:

    I know you hate to see them move away but I know you're happy that they're able to follow their bliss in their twilight years! And a vacation destination is always nice!

    I'm blessed that my parents decided that my home would be their final retirement destination! Of course living in central Florida at the time gave me a definite leg up on my competition! 4-1/2 years ago we all made the move 4 hours nawth to south Georgia and they both love it here!

  1. Jeni says:

    Well, I'll say this much that it's highly doubtful my kids will ever have to deal with MY moving away from here. However, that doesn't mean that there may not come a day when one of them might decide to leave this area -and me -behind, ya know. I do hope -strongly too -that such a day never comes because if they moved too far away, I'd only ever get to see them on rare visits they might make back home again and I'd really hate that.
    Now, in your case, it's neat that you and Pam have the country gentlemen vacationing for a spell with you and I hope that also means more new cat pictures soon too!

  1. You rock Travis! Glad everything is working out!

  1. Again, thrilled for mom and dad...getting to retire and do what you have hoped for, is the best.

    I would say you planted your roots real deep that day you got slapped in the back of the head at the gym!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Travis: I LOVE this post. I've been reading long enough now that I actually knew who the Country Gentlement were; I had that same thought Vinny did about your deep roots, and it's touching to read the way you've looked at all sides of this move.

  1. Bittersweet.
    But what a great plan for next summer!

  1. You have a great attitude and I am sure you and Pam will enjoy going to visit your parents. One of my sons lives far away and we don't get to see them very often, unless I fly to see them.

    Nice picture of the country gentlemen. I have had two cats that looked just like them. I thought there was a third cat, but realized it was just the blanket. LOL!

  1. Linda says:

    I love your positive outlook on things, Travis, and the fact that even though you're sad for yourself to see your folks move further away that you're happy for them in that they're doing what they want to do to be happy. This world would be a lot better place if people could be happy for each other more often.

    My Dad always wanted to move back to Arizona after he got out of the Air Force but he never got the chance and instead spent a lot of his time hating the New England winters. That's no way to spend your life, especially when it turns out that you don't have as much of your life left as you had hoped.

    I wish your mom and stepdad a very long and happy retirement in Arizona as well as many happy visits for you and Pam!

  1. Debra says:

    It will be great to visit back and forth. My son was in the Air Force and stationed in Okinawa. We got to visit him there and enjoyed it so much. They are now just two hours away, the closest they have been in several years.

    The kitties are so cute!

  1. Bittersweet, but with happy folks and a great place to visit, it'll sweeten up in time. (says me, who is always homesick for family who are far away...)

  1. I totally hope to get back to AZ again one of these days, myself. So much diversity & natural beauty (not to mention the complete lack of humidity, like we live with every single day here. *L*)