Summer Viewing Pleasure

Posted: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I guess I should have made the title Our Summer Viewing Pleasure.  These are just a few of the programs Pam and I are looking forward to over the next couple of months.

Beginning tomorrow night from Staples Center in Los Angeles, my Lakers host Boston in game 1 of the NBA Finals.  This is the 12th time the Celtics and Lakers have met for the NBA championship.   Boston is 9-2 in those series and is looking for its 18th title in 21 trips.  My Lakers are looking to defend last season's title and win their 16th championship in 31 finals appearances.  

I'm confident, but very nervous for my guys.

True Blood begins its 3rd season on HBO.  We bought the first season on DVD and enjoyed it.  Then we watched the second season, repeated on HBO.  The show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, written by Charlaine Harris.  My mom read these last year and turned Pam onto them.  Then I picked them up.  The books are very enjoyable.  We've learned to tolerate the extremely explicit sexual content and graphic violence that HBO tosses in because they can.  The series stars Anna Paquin as Sookie.  Season three premiers on 13 June and airs every Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

I'm interested in a History channel program called Top Shot.  This is a reality competition show featuring great shots from history.  Skilled marksmen try to recreate these shots.  If you're interested, click on the Top Shot link and you can get some information on the participating marksmen.  I'm hoping that this show focuses on the skill needed for high accuracy target shooting, rather than the silly drama of competition reality.  This program premiers on 6 June at 10pm.

Lie To Me finally returns for its second season as a summer replacement.  The first season has been repeating on FOX for the last few weeks.  We're both fans of Tim Roth, and as this show settled in, we really enjoyed it.  The cast works really well together, and the stories are plausible.  Monday nights are so crowded during the fall.  I guess it's better for this program to air in the summer.  The premier is 7 June at 8pm on FOX.

White Collar takes its sweet time getting back on the air, returning 13 July at 9pm on USA.  Matthew Bomer stars as Neil Caffrey, a con artist and high end thief, released from prison to assist with FBI investigations into white collar crimes in New York.  Tim DeKay is outstanding as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke, who is in charge of Caffrey.  It's a buddy show, but the chemistry these two actors generate makes it work.

So You Think You Can Dance premiered last week with the first round of open auditions.  Only the Top 10 will make the live show this time around after an intense week of call backs in Las Vegas.  Each week, the dancers will select a style.  Then one of 10 all stars from previous seasons will join them to perfect the choreography.  Only one dancer will be eliminated each week until the finale, which is currently scheduled for 11 August.  Live performance shows air every Wednesday at 8pm on FOX, with results announced on Thursdays at 9pm.

Hot In Cleveland stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendy Malick, Betty White, and John Schneider.  It premiers 15 June at 10pm on TV Land.  I am so psyched for this show!!  I hope it's good.

We sort of like Burn Notice, starring Jeffrey Donovan as burned covert operative Michael Westen.  He's been stranded in Miami, abandoned by his CIA contacts and targeted by any number of former enemies, and even some people who profess to be his friends.  Westen is assisted by his girlfriend Fiona, played by Gabrielle Anwar, and former US Navy SEAL Sam, played by Bruce CampbellSharen Gless stars as Westen's mom.  We catch repeats and generally enjoy it.  We'll have to remember to set the DVR for this one.  It premiers tonight on USA at 9pm.

And there's sports too!  

The 2010 FIFA World Cup begins on 11 June, running through 11 July, from South Africa.  I wasn't raised with soccer.  Rather I'm a casual observer.  I tune in every four years for the World Cup.

The 2010 NCAA Men's College World Series begins on 19 June, running through 29/30 June depending on how many games are required to decide the championship at the end of the tournament.  I wish I could catch more college baseball games during the spring, but I definitely tune in for championship play.  The 2010 NCAA Women's College World Series begins 3 June and runs through 9 June.

The 2010 Tour de France begins 3 July and runs through 25 July.  I'll be shocked if Lance Armstrong can duplicate his 3rd place finish from last year.  And it will be interesting to see whether Alberto Contador can successfully defend his championship, this time as the leader and focus of his own team and with a great big target on his back.

Summer comes to a close with the 2010 Little League World Series, played 20-29 August.  I love watching these 11-13 year olds play the game.  Teams from the US have won 5 in a row...Ewa Beach and Waipi'o from Hawaii won in 2005 and 2008, Columbus and Warner Robins from Georgia took back to back titles in 2006 and 2007, and Chula Vista from California won last year.

And then we're back at the start of the NFL season.  Major league baseball starts the push to post season and the World Series.  

And your kids are back in school.

Isn't it scary that I've wrapped up summer in a single blog post?


  1. oooh, now I'd really like top shot. I think I've seen it before. I'll have to remember that one...

  1. I have virtually NO interest in basketball in June. However Top Shot did get my attention when I saw it promoted recently.
    I do like Lie To Me and So You Think You Can Dance may be our favorite show of all.
    The CWS is on my list, as I am hoping to get tickets to the regional in Fayetteville, AR this week-end. I am also a fan of the women's CWS in softball.
    Our daughter played socccer and two of the grand daughters play the game, so the World Cup is on my viewing agenda as well. Thanks for the update.

  1. Barb says:

    My Dad is anxiously awaiting the Celtics game... You know he was born in Boston and is a die-hard Boston fan, right? Being his daughter I am obliged to root for his team. Sorry, Trav!

    I like Lie To Me, but haven't had a chance to watch it in some time. I think they're all waiting patiently for me on my DVR.

    And you already know I'm looking forward to Hot in Cleveland!

  1. Trav: I hope you have enough popcorn, or ice-cream or whatever your favorite TV viewing snack is for all that! I love that you planned your summer.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    We have just watched series 2 of True Blood and absolutely love it! I can't wait for series 3.

  1. Lana and I started watching Hell's Kitchen last night. That'll be our series for the coming few months.

  1. Lois: There's another program about sharpshooters on Military Channel too that you might like.

    Driller: There's some good stuff coming up and it seems to be spaced well enough so that it doesn't dominate the summer. We've got some day trips and short weekends planned too.

    Barb: No need to apologize. I never hold anyone's sports team allegiances against them.

    GGG: CAKE! We has it!

    Akelamalu: We're saving the last 3 episodes of season 2 to watch back to back before season 3 starts.

    Charles: I've never watched that one. Too much drama on the promos.

  1. Jeff B says:

    I watched White Collar last year and really liked it. The writing seemed pretty solid throughout the year. Hopefully they will continue along those lines.

    I like Burn Notice too, but find it to be a bit one dimensional at times.

    The Little League World Series is a must. I go over to my moms and watch the games. A tradition of sorts. It's bittersweet though, the elation of the kids who win and the heartbreak of the ones who don't. The tears from the losing side are always hard to watch without getting a big lump in my throat.

  1. JohnH985 says:

    I really enjoy the True Blood show, but have never been able to get into the novels. Everytime I pick up the first one somehow I never finish it. I'm going to have to make sure I finish it, just so I know if I like it or not. Haven't watched Burn Notice, but other friends have said it's good, so I'll have to try it out. And White Collar is good. Have you tried In Plain Sight on USA. It's one of my favorite shows.

  1. Jeff: Williamsport is on my bucket list. I want to go for the entire LLWS one time in the next five years.

    John: I watched In Plain Sight once and couldn't get into it. I'll try to catch more of it in reruns and give it more of a chance. USA really is coming up with some good original programming.