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Welcome to encores and results!

It was an excellent show on Wednesday.  Let's see what we liked.

We liked the wonderful contemporary routine from Ashley and Ade.  It was an excellent first contribution to the show from Dee Caspary.  You can click here if the video doesn't play.

We enjoyed the Broadway routine from Lauren and Neil.  The only clip I could find had the embed feature disabled, so follow the link to see a great routine.

Billy is my favorite dancer this season, but I haven't featured one of his dances as an encore yet.  I can fix that because even though the routine wasn't perfect, I really did enjoy his contemporary dance with Kathryn.  This is another clip with the embed feature disabled, so follow the link.

Dance of the night honors go to Alex and Twitch for their amazing hip hop, choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon D'Umo.  Everything about this dance was brilliant.  You can click here if the video doesn't play.

Most outstanding!

Cat...long natural dress...LEGSSES...nice!

I don't think the choreography lived up to O Fortuna in that opening group routine. week it's two routines.  We get one dance with an All Star the competitors haven't worked with, and then the Top 8 gets to dance with each other instead of another routine with an All Star.  Cool!

Now results...Alex is safe.  Ashley is safe.  AdeChike is safe.  Kent is safe.  Lauren is safe.  Jose is safe.

Our bottom three is Billy, Robert, and Melinda.

The thing with starting with a Top 11 is that every week, an exceptional dancer has to go home.  That's how we get to America's favorite.

But on the face of it, this seems a pretty easy elimination.  I'm sorry for Melinda, but I think she's just not up to the standard of the rest of the dancers.

Oh yay!  We get a retrospective about the All Stars and their journeys on the show.  This week we get to remember Mark and Courtney.  Sweet!  They recreate The Garden, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  

I miss the small stage.  I think some of the dancers get swallowed up on that great big stage we have now.  The smaller studio was more intimate.

The cast of Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis visits the stage in a piece choreographed by Tabitha, Napoleon, and Mandy.  I enjoyed the mix of jazz and hip hop in that piece.  And there were a couple of SYTYCD alums in the group too.

It's time for solos now:
  • Billy - I just don't see how the judges cut him.
  • Robert - I didn't care for that solo, but I don't really see how the judges cut him either.
  • Melinda - It was a smart choice to tap without the music.  I appreciated what she did a lot more, but she's is the one I would cut.
Elimination time.  The decision is unanimous.

Nigel tells Billy and Robert that they have to figure out what is keeping them from connecting with voters.  And they'll get the chance to do that as they are both saved.

That means Melinda is out.  Nigel tells her that all the judges adore her and that it was a pleasure to hear her tap tonight.  I wish her the best.

Check in next week for two dances from our remaining 8 dancers!!  

Later gang!


  1. Like Nigel, I though Melinda's solo last night was her best effort to date. Her previous music selections were awkward, at best. Acapella tap was indeed her smartest choice.
    I believe that next week, we will see Jose's weakness exposed. He is the weakest, least experienced, and least trained of the remaining contestants. His personality has gotten him through so far, but two dances in one week, may be his undoing.

  1. I hate to see any of them leave, but alas I know they must. I like Billy as well as ALex and the cute little blond guy.. Lauren is my favorite woman dancer.

    I really like your updates and opinions of SYTYCD. Keep posting. Do you and Pam still dance? My mother was an Arthur Murray dance instructor many eons ago, hence my love of dance.

    Cat seems so loving and caring of the dancers. Her legs are longer than I am tall. Lucky woman. She is beautiful.

  1. Driller: I think with Jose, it's going to depend on what he pulls out of the hat, and with whom he dances. I think his personality can carry him a couple more weeks because I think fans of contemporary dance are splitting the vote. But we'll see.

    Pam: We don't dance as much as we used to, or as much as we'd like to. We took some classes together at a local Arthur Murray studio during the first year we dated. It was fun.

  1. Marsha says:

    Did you notice that when they told Melinda bye-bye, Nigel didn't say 'you'll find work, you'll be around, etc' he does some of was a simple 'good luck/good bye' I never really warmed to her and don't really think that she's particularly that good of a tapper.