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Posted: Friday, July 16, 2010 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to encores and results!

I think the only sour note from Wednesday's performance show was the announcement of Ashley Galvan's rib injury.  The majority of the dancing ranged from good to excellent to outstanding to stunning.  The video clips are starting to disappear a bit, so I've just provided links this week.

We couldn't critique the Tahitian dance from Lauren and All Star Mark, but we enjoyed it.  Click here to watch.

We enjoyed the athleticism of the Broadway routine from Kent and All Star Neil.  Click here to watch.

Kent had a terrific night.  He also did some tremendous work in a contemporary piece, as did his partner AdeChike.  Click here to watch.

We absolutely loved the jazz piece from Lauren and Billy.  On any other Wednesday, this routine would challenge for dance of the night.  Naturally I couldn't find a clip.  Trust me was fun and funky.

Dance of the night honors go to the stunning contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall, beautifully danced by Robert and All Star Allison.  Click here to watch.

I love that the group numbers are combining the competitors with the All Stars.  Last night it was a straight Broadway number choreographed by Tyce Diorio and it was outstanding.

OK then.  Let's have our Cat update...LEGSSES shown off to excellent effect by a lovely yellow dress.  I'll just show you what I'm talking about.

Now do you understand?  Heheheheheheheeee!

Let's get some results...Kent is safe.  Lauren is safe.  AdeChike is safe.  Robert is safe.

The bottom two are Billy and Jose, joined by Ashley who is automatically in danger due to her injury. 

We've got ballroom kids from Mary Murphy's studio with a kicking Jive to Jailhouse Rock.  The young lady is 10 and about 3 inches taller than the young man who is 11, but he handles it well.  Outstanding!

Jamal Roberts and Rachel McClaren from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre take the stage for an astounding exhibition of movement.  They make it look absolutely effortless.

This week we get to revisit the journeys of Twitch and Comfort.  Sweet!  They recreate their Dave Scott hip hop routine.  Awesome!  If this video won't play, click here.

Solos now
  • Billy - I don't get why America isn't voting for this kid.
  • Jose - I do understand why America votes for this kid.
Musical guest is Christina Perry, accompanied by All Stars Allison and Neil.  Apparently Ms Perry is a prime example of viral success since Mandy Moore used the song Jar of Hearts in a routine this season.  

Elimination...and there has been no sign at all of Ashley until just at the end, which doesn't look good for her.

Nigel tells Jose that he couldn't show off his personality in the Broadway routine on Wednesday, but that his solo showed his focus to compete in the program.  He tells Billy that he's on the right road, but needs to carry on down that road and not be frightened of it.  Nigel doesn't want Billy to retreat back to strict lines and technique, but continue to dance with freedom and joy.

But Ashley needs between 3 and 5 weeks of rest to heal her injury, and for her health and safety she must be let go.  She is going to make the tour though, and that's a great thing for her future.

Dammit all anyway.  She was doing so well.

If I could say anything to the rest of the dancers in this competition it would be PLEASE warm up properly, look after your diet, get plenty of rest, and stay healthy!  I don't want to lose any more of you to injury!


  1. I am just sick over the last two eliminations by injury. I believe Alex could have one it all and that Ashley would have finished in the top four.
    As of now, I believe that Robert, Kent and Lauren are our top three, and any one of them can win it all.

  1. Driller stated my feelings about this...sad when injuries shape the contest.

  1. Her yellow dress was fabulous, wasn't it?

  1. Like you...I am sad to see Ashley leave because of an injury. That is unfortunate because she is very talented.

    I love Kent,Robert and Lauren. It is a toss up as to who will win. All of the contestants are great.

    Cat has LEGS a mile long, but I love how sweet she is to the dancers.

  1. But Trav...her dress is not yellow.
    Sigh. You just noticed the legs didn't you...
    I thought so.

    OHHH....on the show. Gotcha.
    I'm a little slow this morning. I have beach lag.

  1. OK. I see it now on the video. Now THAT'S a yellow dress.
    I had to stop watching because it stops every 4 seconds.
    Thank you Verizon.

  1. Driller: I know. I think you're dead on with the final 3. I just don't think my favorite Billy is going to get enough fans to pick up the phone. Disappointing, but I'm really OK with just about anyone winning this season.

    V: It is sad. But I guess that's life.

    GGG: It was!

    Pam: Cat is so attractive and even more so because she seems to care so much about these dancers.

    Mimi: Yeah...I didn't really explain that correctly. The photograph I used was to demonstrate how blindingly beautiful Cat is.