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Welcome to encores and results!

By the end of this post we'll know who made the Final Four.  

Before we get to that, let's see what we liked from Wednesday's performances.

We liked Kent's work in his Broadway partnership with Jose, but I couldn't find a video clip.

Bollywood isn't generally one of our favorite styles, but we thought Billy and Robert did a tremendous job with some difficult choreography.  Click here if the video won't play.

We loved both Lauren and All Star Allison in this terrific Broadway piece.  Click here if the video won't play.

Dance of the night goes to Billy for his work in this contemporary piece with All Star Ade.  Click here if the video won't play.

So right at the very end of Wednesday's program, Cat told us that Lauren Froderman had been injured and was with the medics.  There were no other details at that time.  We also heard the Jose was nursing a groin injury.  And Billy danced with a knee brace.


Group number...I loved the diabolically whimsical quality of the opening dance, choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Cat update...long, free, and wavy hair.  That's my favorite!  And the pink T-shirt dress emphasized the sleek LEGSSES.

News...YES!  Lauren missed the group dance but she's OK.  Whew!  The Season 7 champion is going to be featured as the first ever Gatorade dance athlete, and will be part of the new ad campaign.  Cool!

Results...Kent is safe.  AdeChike is safe.  Robert is safe.

We've got a legitimate bottom three now based on votes rather than injuries...Jose, Billy, and Lauren.  I knew at some point the eliminations were going to become very difficult.  It seems a given that Jose will be out, and I suspect the judges will keep Lauren.   I think Billy would survive against AdeChike or Robert, but not Lauren.

We've got a Step It Up 3D promo...and it's jam packed with former SYTYCD performers.  And the dancers ripped up the stage.

Musical guest is Christian TV.  Sorry, that reminded me of a bad American Idol audition.  I'm sure that appeals to some, but there are so many talented artists out there, and this guy gets a record deal and national exposure.  Go figure.


  • Jose - more tricks, but I think even he knows he's out
  • Billy - it's a shame he hasn't connected with voters because I think he is brilliant
  • Lauren - she makes me smile

Special guest is former American Idol contestant Allison Iraheta.  She was one of my favorite Idols, but I did not like that performance.  Maybe it sounds better on the CD.

Here we go with eliminations.  The decisions are unanimous.

Nigel tells Jose that he has learned three different dance languages in the last three weeks, and praises his personality.  Nigel tells Billy that he doesn't always understand why he's not connecting with voters, but says Billy is connecting with choreographers and dance directors.  Nigel doesn't really say anything to Lauren...he takes the time to remind viewers not to whine about who isn't getting votes and pick up the phone to vote for your favorite.

Lauren is safe.

So Jose is out, which was predictable.

And Billy is out, which is disappointing to me.


But I think that this is a worthy Top 4 with Kent, Lauren, Robert, and AdeChike.  I can see myself voting for any of them, and so can Pam.  This is kind of exciting, because I think we'll be voting solely on performance rather than a preference based on the season's body of work.

The judges no longer have a decision in who stays and who goes.  It's viewer votes for the final two weeks until we get to America's Favorite.

I can report that Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars premiers on 20 Sept 2010.  I can also advise you not to pay any attention to rumors over the next few weeks.  A certain former NFL quarterback has not been cast, and really has expressed little interest in being on the show.

Just wait until the official cast announcement, which should be sometime in the middle of August.  That's what I do and I usually end up happy I did.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't get to watch, so I'm glad to read your coverage. I'm surprised about Billy. I somehow thought he would outlast Kent, but not because of thier skills, but just from what I heard people say. I like Kent and AdeChike, and don't have an opinion about the other two because I haven't watched enough. So it doesn't mean I dislike them either. Thanks for the wrap-up. GGG