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Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by Travis Cody in

It's results live from Hollywood!

If you read my recap of Monday's performance show, you might infer that my disagreement with the majority of the judges' scores last night might make it difficult for me to choose some encore routines for you today.

You would be correct. 

So guess what?  You get links to all the dances from Monday!

Click here to watch the Paso Doble from Audrina and Tony.  I didn't dislike this dance, but the critique from the judges didn't match the 24 they threw down, so I was confused.

Click here to watch the Tango from Kyle and Lacey.  I thought this dance was technically better than Audrina's and more entertaining, but the judges gave it 23.

Click here to watch the Paso Doble from Jennifer and Derek.  I admit to bias, but I just don't see how this dance rated at 20, despite the mistake at the end.  I don't mind criticism of my favorite celebrity, but I don't care for it much when it seems fabricated based on 15 seconds of mistake at the end of 1min 30sec of otherwise solid dancing.

Click here to watch the Tango from Rick and Cheryl.  I thought Rick was wooden and robotic, but the judges thought it was worth a 24.

Click here to watch the Tango from Bristol and Mark.  I thought Bristol really connected with the way Mark choreographed this dance.  I thought it was entertaining and technically excellent, but the judges thought it was only worth 23.  Or perhaps they really thought it was a 26, but each graded down 1 point for the air guitar break in the hold, which is a no no in competition Tango.

Click here to watch the Paso Doble from Kurt and Anna.  The judges scored this dance at 18, and I did agree that there were few hi-lights.

Click here to watch the Tango from Brandy and Maks.  The judges thought this dance was a 26, and I thought it was dance of the night.

And for fun, here's the Rock and Roll Dance Marathon.

Here's a reminder of the leader board after Monday's performances:

36 Brandy and Maks
32 Audrina and Tony
30 Kyle and Lacey 
30 Rick and Cheryl
29 Jennifer and Derek
28 Bristol and Mark
22 Kurt and Anna 

Let's get our first results...Kurt and Anna are safe.  Bristol and Mark are safe.

The judges select the Tango from Bristol and Mark as the encore choice.

Oh yeah!  It's Ann and Nancy Wilson in the ballroom...otherwise known as Heart and they rocked Barracuda!  And a word to those who pre-record their vocals so they can dance around the ballroom...Heart plays it live baby.  They were accompanied by Derek, Louis, Damien (from last season), Karina, Chelsie, and Anna Demidova in a great Paso choreographed by Louis.

More results...Rick and Cheryl are safe.

Check it...Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, and Bret Michaels talk about the remaining celebrities.  That's hilarious.  But why not?  They know about as much as I do about dancing, and way more than me about what it takes to get on stage and perform.

Macy's Stars of Dance features dancers choreographed by Travis Wall, a champion high school show choir, and the kids from School of Rock, paying tribute to Rock Week.  That was outstanding!

Next's Kylie Minogue.  That was enjoyable.

More results...Brandy and Maks are safe.  Kyle and Lacey are safe.  Jennifer and Derek are safe.

That means Audrina and Tony are out.

The judges made a big show, whining about justice and how neither Audrina nor Jennifer should go home at this stage.  Well guess what gang?  Len said he was disappointed with Audrina still not getting the character of the dance.  And the judges as a group handed out a 20 to Jennifer.  You just can't have it both ways.

The fans voted for Baby, and didn't vote enough for Audrina.  That's how the show works.

One of these days,'ll hoist that Fabulous Mirror Ball Trophy.

So next week is the 200th episode of Dancing with the Stars.  Taylor Swift and Rod Stewart will visit the ballroom.  There will be all kinds of returning celebrities and guest judges.  And, Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno will be captains for team dances.  Cool, eh?

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  1. Akelamalu says:

    Loved Jennifer and Derek's dance.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the 200th episode will be a good one!

  1. Jamie says:

    Very odd show last night. Really wasn't ready for Audrina to go. Rod Stewart has a fifth volume of the American Songbook out so expect "Fly Me To The Moon" even if "My Foolish Heart" is my favorite from this collection

  1. Watched last night and enjoyed the show greatly. I can't comment on the elimination as I did not see all the dances on Monday.

    OK, Travis, was that not Mark Kanemura on stage with Kylie? At the end it looked like him standing right behind her...

  1. Linda says:

    I missed Heart AND Alice Cooper? Darn!

  1. To be perfectly honest, based on the previous night's performances, Audrina should have probably been eliminated. She was obviously counting steps and not dancing to the music.
    Bristol was saved by the tango. It does not require swaying hips, passion, or fluid movement. The tango only requires a very strict, controlled movement. That suits Bristol perfectly. She will be in deep trouble when the dance once again require character, and versatility.

  1. Jaye says:

    Phew - a feisty lot of dances there and all very enjoyable!