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Posted: Monday, November 22, 2010 by Travis Cody in

I want to recommend a really good read today.  I learned about this book from my blog pal Charles Gramlich at Razored Zen.

The book is called What Angels Fear, and it is the first in the Sebastian St Cyr mystery series, written by CS Harris

You'll be immersed in the atmosphere from the first sentence.  Ms Harris has the ability to write lyrical prose that sets mood and tone, without feeling stilted or silly.  I'm the type of reader who pronounces every word in my head, and while I was reading this book, I "heard" every accent.

It's a rare ability to be able to write with that kind of clarity.  

Ms Harris moves things along at a brisk pace, and navigates standard mystery traps with skill.  She keeps the reader guessing, but the "who done it" reveal is plausible and doesn't require the introduction of last minute clues to wrap up.

From Ms Harris' website:
Regency England. The age of Napoleon and Jane Austen, of Beau Brummel and Lord Byron. Ladies wear filmy dresses and dampen their petticoats, while gentlemen duel with pistols at dawn and agonize over the cut of a coat. Fortunes are won and lost at the turn of a card, a decades-old war has turned Europe into a ravaged battlefield, and in London, a child of six can still be hanged for stealing a handkerchief.

This is the world of Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. Heir to an earldom, disillusioned Army officer, latter day knight errant.

A master of disguises. Sebastian moves easily from the ballrooms of Mayfair to the rookeries of St. Giles, from the exclusive men's clubs of St. James's to the dangerous docks of the Thames.

Think Mr. Darcy with a James Bond edge... 

I really liked this book, and I'm downloading the next in the series.

Thanks Charles! 


  1. Cool,thanks for the links.

  1. ooh, sounds like a good read. I'll put this on my download list.

  1. Thanks for the info. Always love it when I hear about a good book!

  1. Glad you enjoyed. I just loved how even the fog seemed to come alive in the book.

  1. Mike: You're welcome.

    Lois: I think you'll enjoy it.

    GGG: I was stuck in such a rut before I got my Kindle. I mostly read stuff from writers I already knew I liked. Now I'm expanding and it has been great!

    Charles: Ms Harris is really terrific. Thanks for the recommendation.

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds good - I never can pass up a good book!