Senior Day

Posted: Saturday, November 13, 2010 by Travis Cody in


We figured out what was wrong with our wireless internet.  Evidently the latest version of the NetGear router we purchased does not need to be connected to a tower for its local area connection (LAN), like our old router did.  Being the tech idjits we are, we were messing it up trying to connect it that way, even though that's what the instructions seemed to indicate we should do.  

So we popped on over to Best Buy, thinking we would have to purchase a new desktop tower to serve as the LAN.  We spoke to Geek Squad first, and the gal there suggested that we try disconnecting it from the tower and then trying to connect to the internet from the laptops.

Voila!  It worked!

So now I can take this moment to congratulate Notre Dame on a big win at home against 14th ranked Utah from the MWC.  The Irish routed the Utes 28-3 behind 3 TD passes from freshman QB Tommy Rees.  He only threw for 129 yards on the day, but he didn't throw an interception.

The defense was the story, holding Utah's high powered offense to only 3 points and only 265 total yards on offense.  Outstanding!

Today was also Senior Day for the Irish.  I offer my congratulations to a group of seniors who have been through a lot during their time in South Bend, not much of it good in terms of wins on the field.   If they can beat Army next week in New York, and then go out to LA and get an upset of USC, they can finish 7-5 and maybe get an invitation to a bowl game.

Best wishes to these Notre Dame seniors.  May you find success in your future endeavors.

Darrin Walls
Gary Gray
Armando Allen Jr
Brian Castello
Duval Kamara
Barry Gallup Jr
Harrison Smith
Derry Herlihy
Patrick Coughlin
Michael Garcia
Steve Paskorz
James Redshaw
Robert Hughes
Chris Salvi
Christopher Gurries
Ryan Sheehan
Thomas Smith
Bobby Burger
Dan Franco
Nick Lezynski
Dan Wenger
Kerry Neal Brian Smith
Chris Stewart
Martin Quintana
Bill Flavin
Christopher Skubis
Steve Botsford
Taylor Dever
Andrew Nuss
Matt Romine
Mike Ragone
Emeka Nwankwo
Ian Williams
Brandon Walker
David Riffer


  1. Linda says:

    I spent a good part of day hooking up our new NetGear router, too. Had some problems getting the desktop up and running as I always thought that it had a wireless card but apparently it doesn't. I ended up having to run back to Staples to get a wireless USB to go along with the router as Jamie really wanted the desktop in her room but there was no place to hook it up to a router in there. She had wanted me to get our XBox hooked back up to the live account, too, so that required some finagling on my part but I did manage to get it all to work though it was frustrating at times. Tech savvy I am not most times! I just want to be able to plug it in and it works!

    Glad to hear that you got your problem solved and are up and running again. Oh, and I had to call tech support with a question and was offered a "protection plan" too on a brand new router. I told him no thanks and hung up. Sheesh!

  1. My netgrea router is both wired and main computer(located in the livingroom) is hard wired and the older backup it wireless and is located in the upstairs bedroom/office/storage area.

  1. Barb says:

    'idjits' made me laugh! I may borrow that one day, in reference to myself, of course!

    The box/router I have from AT&T High Speed Business DSL totally rocks! It has built-in wireless, with some mighty strong password encryption. Take that! el cheapo-neighbors trying to piggyback in for free on my wireless internet! Last year I actually had a neighbor ask me for my username and password! Seriously.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Tech difficulties are usually cured by something really simple, which invariably make us feel stupid! ;)

    Glad you got it sorted. :)

  1. Thanks for the smile. I was just remembering the family that had a bunch of girls at my high school. They were HUGE Notre Dame Fans. They had the car horn play the ND fight song... I hadn't thought of that in a long time...

  1. It was a great game to watch! I love the personal stories, too. The freshman QB and the walk-on kicker from the 'hall teams'. It should remind everyone to have hope. What was it? First win on senior day in a few years, eh? I liked the story about Smithson from Utah and how he asked his mother's permission to be legal guardian for his younger brother. That young man has a lot more going for him than football! Thanks for the wrap-up, Trav!

  1. The technology involved in getting connected improves/changes so frequently that most people end up being tech idjits for awhile...

  1. Kate says:

    I spent the weekend without internet...makes me realize how addicted I am. I thought I might die.

  1. Linda: It appears to be working well. But I can't imagine trying to hook up so many things!

    Mike: We had the same set up with a normal desktop tower as the hard wired LAN. But I guess the only reason we had to have it that was was if we wanted to access the network from the desktop, which we haven't done in ages because that desktop is way too old and slow.

    Barb: You are welcome to the word! It sure fits me sometimes.

    Akelamalu: I know! Silly, isn't it?

    Lois: I was so happy for those kids on Saturday.

    GGG: We missed most of the game, since we had to run all around town to get the stoopid router situation squared away. But it sure was nice to see that final score!

    Terra: It should be easier than it is.

    Kate: We did enjoy the enforced absence, but two days was just about our limit.