Thursday Thoughts

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011 by Travis Cody in

I love the way the full moon looks so large and close when it hangs low in the sky.  Yesterday morning it did just that...just over the tree tops with clouds wafting across its face.  Then skimming the mountain tops.  Then finally glowing from behind a bank of clouds.  I know it's an optical illusion that makes it seen bigger and closer, but it's gorgeous anyway.

People who walk or bike in the dark without wearing something reflective or carrying a lit flashlight are a menace, particularly when they don't obey traffic laws.  I can't tell you the number of times I've simply not seen a pedestrian or cyclist until I was nearly right next to them.  There's so much to be aware of and anticipate when you're behind the wheel.  I'm keeping my eye out for anything unusual, but pedestrians and cyclists would help their cause by making certain they can be seen and by following the rules of the road.  I'm bigger and meaner than you in my vehicle.  Do yourself a favor and make yourself more visible, and don't assume that I see you.

My Kindle has made me an even more voracious reader than I've been in the past.  But I still don't think you should walk and read at the same time.  Certainly not when you're walking in front of me on a narrow sidewalk next to a busy downtown Seattle street, when I'm hungry and there is a BLT with avocado in my immediate future and it's cold outside.  Go sit on a bench and get out of my way!

Is it just me, or is a double cheeseburger with just mustard and ketchup one of the all time great tastes?  It's simple.  It's basic.  It's delicious.  Sure, specialty burgers loaded up with toppings have their place, and I like them just fine as long as you remember to hold the nasty onions.  But the cheeseburger with mustard and that's comfort food.

It warmed up into the 50s recently, and I forgot it was still January.  It was cold in my house last night!

Turn your head once in awhile.  There's more to life than just what is directly in front of you.


  1. Debra says:

    Was noticing that very same full moon tonight. It wasn't nearly as pretty here as you describe it there in Seattle. I'm always a little thankful when I see a full moon and it is my night off from the hospital. It can be pretty wild and crazy there during a full moon.

    So happy you all have a little warm weather Trav! I know you probably appreciate a little break from the cold!

    Have a great Thursday,

  1. Coco says:

    We couldn't see the moon last night, but the snow was pretty, too.

    I agree totally about visibility and pedestrians - who invented WHITE snowsuits, anyway?

    We watched a little of AI last night, just out of curiosity. It was better than I expected. Aerosmith dude was really funny and nobody was MEAN. That was a refreshing change. Randy seemed a little lost, though. Must be a little tough adjusting.

    Have a wonderful day, Trav.

  1. I hear ya Travis... And they all seem to wear dark clothing to boot. I just don't get it.

    Nothing better than a good cheeseburger. I'm all about cheeseburgers.

    Hope you're doing well today and that you got last night's chores completed. that means you can play all weekend.

  1. Since we live so deep in the woods, I am not likely to run into any joggers on these country roads. We worry about drunk drivers instead.

    I can't imagine reading my Kindle while walking or running. Then again I am not that co-ordinated!I am reading more now that I have it.

    I can dream about cheesburgers, but I can have them in reality. My comfort foods are also things that are not good for me. Argh!

    Have a great day and enjoy the warm weather.

  1. A couple of months back I'm coming home at night and pass a guy walking down the white line in the middle of the road. Came pretty close to hitting him, I did.

  1. Burger . . . yum! You're not alone. Drat! I only brough an apple for lunch . . .

  1. Jeni says:

    I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time much less try to walk and read simultaneously! That, to me, would be inviting disaster. And now that you have gone and described a nice juicy cheeseburger, you have me drooling here, wishing I had one in front of me!
    All really good points you put out there today, Trav. Hope you have a great day and build into a fun weekend then.

  1. Reflective gear should always be worn IMHO

    Reading while walking? That is crazy.

    I don't like mustard on my burger...Ketchup only if I am going plain, but some raw sweet onion is always welcome on my burger.

    Hot is on the TiVo...waiting to be enjoyed.

  1. Nice one! I love a good 'this and that' post. But don't be dissin' my onions!

  1. Mags says:

    I have a group of girl friends at work who email back and forth daily to break up the day. Yesterday's chain of emails were about cheeseburgers. So yeah-I totally understand. ;)

  1. Hold the ketchup, add tomato and sweet pickles on that burger please.

  1. Debra: It's turning cold again now, but I definitely appreciated a bit of warmth while it lasted.

    Coco: We are recording the early auditions for AI. I'm interested this year because of the new judges.

    Lois: Chores, check. And I suspect we will be having some cheeseburgers at some point this weekend!

    Pam: I like to read so much, but I want to focus and be comfortable while I'm doing it. So no walking and reading for me either.

    Charles: Some people just don't think, do they?

    GGG: Well, and apple is much healthier anyway so you're probably better off!

    Jeni: I hope you get a cheeseburger soon to help with the drooling!

    V: Watched The Gals earlier this evening. They had me smiling and laughing!

    Clancy: I didn't dis your onions, I promise! I only dissed the nasty onions.

    Mags: The craving is getting very strong now. I don't know if I can hold out until the weekend.

    Driller: I suppose I could make an exception to my idea of the basic cheeseburger taste and add some pickles, but for me they would have to be Dill.