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Friday we played Five Degrees of Musical Progression.  You can scroll down to listen to my Set, and to follow Mr Linky to some other great progressions.  Today, I reveal how I put my Set together.

The first link is between all five tracks...they are linked by the them of love and some of its various aspects.

Track 1:  Show and Tell is a song written by Jerry Fuller, originally recorded by Johnny Mathis.  I've chosen the cover by Al Wilson (1939-2008), released in 1973.  Johnny Rivers' production company, Soul City Records, produced recording sessions featuring Mr Wilson in 1968.

Track 2:  Swayin' to the Music (Slow Dancing) was a #10 hit out of Soul City Records for Johnny Rivers in 1977.  The song was distributed by Bigtree/Atlantic and produced by Mr Rivers.

Track 3:  Words is a song written by Barry, Robin, and Maruice Gibb in 1967, produced by Robert Stigwood and released in 1968.  The Bee Gees are one of a very small group of artists who are the copyright owners of their recordings.  Johnny Rivers is among that group of performers.

Track 4:  Good Morning Starshine is a song from the musical Hair, which Robert Stigwood produced for the British theatre in 1968.  The song was originally published in 1966, written by James Rado and Gerome Ragni, with music composed by Galt MacDermot.  The artist Oliver (1945-2000) took the song to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It reached #1 in Canada.

Track 5:  Silhouettes is a doo-wop song written by Bob Crewe and Frank Slay in 1957.  It was originally a #3 hit for The Rays.  The version I selected is the 1965 cover by Herman's Hermits, which topped out at #5 on the billboard Hot 100.

What's the link between Good Morning Starshine and Silhouettes?  

You don't know?

Well I'll tell you!

In addition to being an icon of American entertainment...songwriter, dancer, singer, jazz musician, manager...Bob Crewe produced both Oliver and The Rays, who first released and made a hit of the song Silhouettes.

Thanks so much to everyone for playing on Friday!  I really enjoyed what you guys put together.  We'll play again soon.  I'm thinking about a giving everyone the same jumping off song and then seeing where y'all go.

Here's a bonus!  Let's go ahead and break out the new Five on Friday spring banner.  I know we've still got about a month until 21 March and the spring equinox, but it's been cold and a bright shiny FoF banner just might be a way to take our minds off the lingering chill.  

As always, go forth and enjoy music!


  1. I love how your song choice 'Words' was a huge clue! And yet I didn't get it.

    Deliciously labyrinthine.

    I've got my progressions posted. And I would love to do a group 5 on Friday where we all start off with the same song - that would be awesome.

  1. Loved the progression...and as an FYI, I had another choice going from The Tull song to the guess Who. I almost went to Marshall Tucker (with flutist Jerry Eubanks) and that would have led me in another direction all together

  1. What...No Pink Floyd? How sad. :(