Bud Lomell (1920 - 2011)

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2nd Lt Lomell
Bud Lomell, a legendary member of the US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion during World War II who found the hidden battery of 155mm German canon after the battle at Pointe du Hoc on 6 June 1944, died last week.  He was 91.

The Rangers were tasked on D Day to climb an 85-100 foot cliff in order to reach German gun emplacements that reportedly housed at least 6 of the high powered guns.  The range on these weapons was about 25,000 yards.  Those guns could decimate the landing forces and put the outcome of the D Day invasion at risk.

But when 2nd Battalion reached the top of the cliff, the guns weren't there.  Lomell was First Sergeant and acting commander of D Company.  His landing craft was late hitting the beach, and he was wounded when he and his men hit the shore at the bottom of the cliff.  He and his men climbed the cliff and then took up positions along the coastal highway.

Once his Rangers were in place, Sgt Lomell led a patrol with Staff Sergeant Jack Kuhn.  While on the patrol, they found the missing 155mm guns and disabled them with thermite grenades.

After a battlefield promotion to 2nd lieutenant, Lomell led a successful attack and then defense of a strategic hill in December 1944.  He was wounded again, but managed to silence a German machine gun nest, repeatedly repel German counter attacks against his positions, and force the surrender of the enemy despite his forces being heavily outnumbered.  Lomell was praised for his judgment and grasp of the strategic situation, which certainly saved lives.  

He was wounded a third time during the Battle of the Bulge.

Bud Lomell was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the French Legion d'honneur, the British Military Medal, and three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat.  He is a member of the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

Stand down, Sir, and rest easy.

Leonard G Lomell (22 January 1920 - 1 March 2011)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, another hero passing. Rest in peace... and thank you for your service to our country.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes me cry every time. I've decided that it should. There is a lot of meaning in the folded flag they hand to the widow or someone in the family. I respect that.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    A true hero. Lovely tribute Trav.

  1. I sat and just stared at the TV when I saw this over the weekend.

    You immediately came to mind (thus the email)

    He was greeted with much love when he arrived at his final home.

  1. Travis, this ia a great tribute to a fine man. May he rest in peace.