Wednesday Wonders

Posted: Thursday, March 31, 2011 by Travis Cody in

Yesss precious, we knowss itss Thurssday, but sstill we wonderss thingsses...yesss precious, we doess.

Like... come it takes about 3 seconds for a bank error to screw up your finances, but 2-3 weeks to get the mistake corrected? come when I eat really well, I'm still hungry?  I had one of the healthiest meals I've had in a long time the other night, with veggies and light carbs and a solid protein, and a half hour later it was like I hadn't eaten a thing.  What's up with that anyway??

...why didn't somebody tell me that Diet Snapple Raspberry Tea is really good?

...who decides the names for paint colors?  Sherwin Williams has a color called 6869 Stop.  You'd think a color called "Stop" would be stop sign red, wouldn't you?  You tell me.  Does this look like the right color for a stop sign?

I don't know.  Maybe after the sign has seasoned for awhile?  There's another called 6935 Straightforward Green.

We wonderss...if it's so straightforward, couldn't it just be called green?

Have a thoughtful Thursday!


  1. The bank takes their time fixing your account so that they can earn enough interest on the account to pay for their time.
    Red is red and green is green. Those two swatches are neither.

  1. Friko says:

    A lot of questions, I have no answers.
    Now I really will have to have a thoughtful Thursday.

  1. Now I have to think. I wasnt ready.

  1. You do an excellent Gollum.

  1. Jamie says:

    The Dodgers won their exhibition game against the Mariners. I wonders if I should feel like a traitor because this makes me very happy?

  1. I have dealt with those banking errors...UGH

    Hard on a computer monitor to really tell, since we all sit under different lights and conditions and monitors are different, but nope, neither looks like traditional red or traditional green. BTW, stop light red would be PMS 185...just sayin'