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I'm not sure I like this new wonky Blogger format.  It doesn't seem to have solved the minor annoyances I've learned to live with.  It has made things a little more difficult to find and organize.  I had trouble getting the date right to publish properly.

I thought upgrades were supposed to make things easier...or is that me just being silly?

I guess it'll just take some getting used to.

Wait...that's not what I wanted to tell you.  I wanted to tell and show you our encore picks from Wednesday's performances!  DOH!

The judges were lukewarm to the Hip Hop from Sasha and Alexander, but we thought it was a strong performance despite what may have been lacking technically.

We thought the Smooth Waltz from Jordan and Tadd was ethereal and unexpectedly elegant.  Remember when you watch the beautifully controlled rise and fall that Tadd is a hip hop dancer.

We enjoyed the quirky Jazz from Ryan and Ricky.  Their synchronization is really outstanding.

The judges thought the Contemporary from Caitlynn and Mitchell was the best performance of the night.  We did think it was wonderful, but we thought that the emotion built naturally into the choreography made it seem more than it was.  We were not as emotionally affected by it as the judges, although we think it was one of the best of the night.

Our choice for dance of the night was the Contemporary from Clarice and Jess.  I wasn't certain I was going to like the style of the choreography, but both dancers were so immersed in the characters and each other, that the emotion of the piece was nearly overwhelming.  We were impressed by their control of the staccato movement. 

Good stuff.

Cat update:  That's the hair I like!  Curly and free falling.  The shimmery sparkly frock is excellent also.  LEGSSES...always lovely.  But I'm not sure about the shoesses.

Hey!  I think this is our first every Bollywood group dance.  I think they did a great job with that.

The panel tonight is down to just Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Travis Wall.  Evidently Carmen Electra had somewhere else to be.

Results...Melanie and Marko are safe.  Caitlynn and Mitchell are safe.  Clarice and Jess are safe.  Sasha and Alexander are safe.

Bottom three...Ashley and Chris, Jordan and Tadd, Ryan and Ricky.

  • Ashley - For some reason I'm just not a fan of her solo work.
  • Chris - Excellent work.
  • Jordan - She demonstrated tremendous control of her movement.
  • Tadd - A little old school hip hop full of personality...loved it.
  • Ryan - She poured so much emotion into the piece.
  • Ricky - He makes everything look so effortless.
I would eliminate Ashely for the girls.  I like her in most of the choreographed pieces, but I'm just not feeling her solos.  It's a much tougher call for the guys.  I think I'll say Chris, but only because I think Tadd and Ricky are more versatile.

First the gals...Nigel tells all the girls they are beautiful.  He tells everyone that they need to show us a different side, even if they happen to draw their own style.  He tells Jordan to diversity and wonders what else she has to offer.  He tells Ryan that she danced a really good routine, and I'm wondering why he doesn't have more to tell her.  He tells Ashley that she has been good throughout but hasn't peaked, but she won't get a chance to peak.

Jordan and Ryan will stay.  Ashley is eliminated. 

Now the guys...Nigel tells Ricky that he is the best contemporary dancer next to Marko, but he is not connecting with America and needs to solve that with Ryan.  Nigel tells Chris that he delivers his best when dancing for his "life", but hasn't found the same level with the choreographed pieces.  Nigel says that Travis really wants to work with Tadd.

Ricky and Tadd will stay.  Chris is eliminated, and it does come down to versatility.

Damn...even though I called who should be eliminated, it just gets harder each week.  I can't think of a season that has been so hard to see the kids go.

OK now, you're on your own next week because Pam and I will be in Arizona with the folks.  We'll watch the show, but there won't be a recap.

Nope...not even a video recap.  We're on VACATION!!

Did you see?  I just did a happy dance!!

Later gang!


  1. No surprises last night., though, as you gets harder each week.


    Drive safe...

  1. Also, late in the show they showed Carmen Electra in the audience. Guess they did not want her input.