And cue LEGSSES...

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 by Travis Cody in

I just wanted to share a little bit of SYTYCD news before reviews resume.

First order of business...Emmy nominations!
  • Finally it's a nod to LEGSSES!!!  Cat Deeley takes her rightful place as a nominee for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Program along with Jeff Probst from Survivor, Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race, Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars, and Ryan Seacrest from American Idol.
  • SYTYCD is nominated as Outstanding Reality Competition Program along with The Amazing Race, Project Runway, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Top Chef.
  • Mia Michaels is nominated for her body of work - Alice in Mia-Land featuring the Season 7 Top 11 and All Stars, When We Dance featuring the Season 7 Top 8, and This Bitter Earth featuring Billy Bell, Alex Wong, and All Star Ade Obayomi.
  • Stacey Tookey is nominated for her body of work - Mad World featuring Billy Bell and All Star Ade Obayomi, Sundrenched World featuring Kent Boyd and Allison Holker, and Heaven is a Place on Earth featuring Robert Roldan and All Star Kathryn McCormick.
  • Travis Wall is nominated for his body of work - Collide featuring Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman, How it Ends featuring Kent Boyd and All Star Neil Haskell, Fix You featuring Robert Roldan and All Star Allison Holker.
  • Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo have been nominated for their body of work - Scars featuring Robert Roldan and All Star Dominic Sandoval, Fallin' featuring AdeChike Torbert and All Star Comfort Fedoke, and Outta Your Mind featuring Alex Wong and All Star Twitch Boss.
  • Mandy Moore has been nominated for her body of work - Oh Yeah featuring  Lauren Froderman and All Star Ade Obayomi, Boogie Shoes featuring Billy Bell and Lauren Froderman, and I Surrender featuring SYTYCD UK winner Charlie Bruce and All Star Neil Haskell.
  • SYTYCD is nominated for several technical awards.
Yeah.  As talented as the group from Season 7 was...the kids from this year are a step better.

Next order of business...we managed to add All Stars and get down to our Top 8 dancers in the last two weeks.  Our Top 8 is:
  • Caitlynn Lawson
  • Jess Leprotto
  • Jordan Casanova
  • Marko Germar
  • Melanie Moore
  • Ricky Jaime
  • Tadd Gadduang
  • Sasha Mallory
And finally, here are some encores from last week's performances.

Caitlynn danced a sexy and sophisticated Argentine Tango with All Star Pasha Kovalev from Season 3.

Jess proved he can manage lifts as he danced Contemporary with All Star Kathryn McCormick from Season 6.

Jordan was a revelation as she danced Contemporary with All Star Brandon Bryant from Season 5.

Marko was outstanding as he danced Samba with All Star Chelsie Hightower from Season 4.

Melanie was sublime as she danced Viennese Waltz with All Star Pasha.

Ricky danced a sinister Jazz piece with All Star Allison Holker from Season 2.  I admit it...I couldn't take my eyes off of Allison.

Tadd showed off his swag in a Hip Hop with All Star Comfort Fedoke from Season 4.

Dance of the night was the incredible Lyrical Hip Hop danced by Sasha with All Star Twitch Boss from Season 4, choreographed by Christopher Scott.

Tune in tomorrow night when our Top 8 hit the stage again!


  1. BeckEye says:

    I'm so happy that Pasha's back. :)

  1. Jamie says:

    Loved that tango. So far my favorite. Glad you and the dance commentary are back amongst us.

  1. Jess thrilled me with his lifts this past week...but it is all about Melanie for me at this point.

    I do have to give props to Sasha...she stepped it up this week

  1. Marsha says:

    This season does have some pretty amazing dancers, I have to agree.

    As much as I love the Argentine Tango, hands down my favorite this week was the Sasha/Twitch dance...that was sssmmookiing!!

    My favorites: Melanie, Sasha, Marko

  1. Beck: I'd like to see him on DWTS too.

    Jamie: I had to post a little something about last week. Couldn't let two whole weeks go by without any dancing thoughts!

    V: Jess is the kind of entertainer who gets votes, so I'm not surprised to see him advance each week.

    Marsha: That hip hop was outstanding...almost as good as Alex and Twitch last season.