And cue LEGSSES...

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Welcome to encores and results!

Gosh there was some really really good stuff last night.  Enjoy the video.

Dance of the night honors go to Melanie and All Star Neil for their brilliant Contemporary piece, choreographed by Mandy Moore.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Dance of the night honors go to Marko and All Star Allison for their brilliant Contemporary piece, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Dance of the night goes to Melanie and Sasha for their brilliant Jazz piece, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  Click here if the video doesn't play.

Yes I did mean to give dance of the night honors to all three of these pieces.  There were some other very good routines, but these three stood out by far.

Cat Deeley update:  Ahhhh...loose and wavy hair.  Love that!  Shoulders are covered, but the dress is still very nice, precious, yess indeed.  Excellent shoes.  And LEGSSES!

The group dance was outstanding.  Some of Tyce's best work.

Oh gosh!  It's only two weeks until the finale!  Yikes!

Results...Sasha is safe.  Melanie is safe.  Marko is safe.  Ricky is safe.

In danger...Jordan, Caitlynn, Jess, Tadd.

I'm a little surprised by that result for the guys.  But Ricky's fans pulled him through.  Doesn't bode well for Jess because the judges love Tadd.

All I can say to the League of Extraordinary Dancers is...WHOA!

  • Jordan - She looks very confident, but I didn't care for the solo.
  • Jess - Broadway all the way.  The leaps were incredible.
  • Caitlynn - I don't think that solo was very well conceived.
  • Tadd - Tricks and tricks and tricks...then toss in personality.
Nigel says they weren't unanimous, but it's a process to find America's favorite dancer.  But someone has to go home, and they essentially went with America's vote.

Nigel tells the gals that they didn't give their best in the solos, and then tells Jordan that they are letting her go.

Nigel tells the guys that Jess is a sensational character and he has grown, and that Tadd is unique coming from a non-dance background.  Then he tells Jess that he is going home.

After telling Tadd after his performances Wednesday that he was headed for the finale, it doesn't surprise me that the judges backed that up and chose him over Jess.  I was a little surprised that the judges chose Caitlynn over Jordan, but I don't think either of them will unseat Sasha or Melanie next week.

Our purpose is to find America's favorite dancer.  There can be only one, which means some outstanding performers are going home before the confetti falls on the champion.

Tune in next week when our Top 6 will dance for votes to earn a spot in the finale.  My prediction for the Final Four - Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd.

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  1. I actually saw Melanie & Sasha's jazz dance. I know the rest of America can't understand this apparently, but I didn't care for it...I know it was technically and interpretively brilliant...I know that!... but it wasn't my cup of tea.

    **hiding my head in shame now as I walk away**

    Sinatra! Ahhhh....
    Peace bloggers...ahhh
    Cat's dress and hair and leggggss...perfection. I agree!

  1. Mimi: Sonja's style isn't for everyone. In this particular instance, I loved it. But I have been in your shoes...not understanding why everyone seems to love a dance that didn't do anything for me.