Senior Day

Posted: Saturday, November 19, 2011 by Travis Cody in

After stumbling to an 0-2 start, Notre Dame has gone on to have a respectable season. 

Today was Senior Day for the Irish.  I offer my congratulations to this group of seniors who struggled as underclassmen, made it through the firing of the coach who recruited them to Notre Dame, and have adapted successfully to a new system designed more for the kids who will remain after this group graduates in the spring.

Best wishes to these Notre Dame seniors.  May you find success in your future endeavors.

Robert Blanton 
Braxton Cave
Lane Clelland
Patrick Coughlin
Dayne Crist
Taylor Dever
Steve Filer
Darius Fleming
Michael Floyd
Jonathan Frantz
Mike Golic Jr
John Goodman
Gary Gray
Jonas Gray
Mike Grieco
Ethan Johnson
Ryan Kavanagh
Kapron Lewis-Moore
Nick Lezynski
Dennis Mahoney
Dan McCarthy
Anthony McDonald
Matthew Mulvey
Brandon Newman
Andrew Nuss
Sean Oxley
Andrew Plaska
David Posluszny
Mike Ragone
Trevor Robinson
David Ruffer
Chris Salvi
Ryan Sharpley
Ryan Sheehan
Jamoris Slaughter
Harrison Smith
Deion Walker
Hafis Williams

And to these juniors who may leave school early for the NFL, I hope you stick around but wish you all the best if the decision is to go. 

Theo Riddick
Manti Te'o
Cierre Wood


  1. Cherie says:

    I love it how you consistently honor the seniors of your favorite college teams. It's good to recognize these significant moments. :)

  1. Jean says:

    I caught part of that game last night at the club...

  1. I will always wish the Irish well.

  1. I knew I could come here and read your tribute to the ND seniors. I was weatching the game and was stunned into reality when I heard Michael Floyd's name. He's a local boy (young man) and I saw him play as a high school senior, knew he was at ND and watched every game possible. Best of luck to all the grads!