The whirls

Posted: Monday, December 05, 2011 by Travis Cody in

We've been on the go since Thanksgiving here in the Pacific Northwest, creating our own little whirlwind of fun and frolics.  We've been reconnecting with friends in the area.  It seems we've got dinner plans every other evening.  And when we're not having dinner with friends, we're meeting for cocktails or game night.

My ribs are beginning to ache from all the laughing.

We're having a great holiday season.  Posts may be sporadic in this space through December.  Consider Trav's Thoughts on semi-hiatus for the rest of the holiday season.  I'll be here for Five on Friday for sure.  Anything else will be as time permits.

Keep smiling.  Have fun.  Make your holiday season what you want it to be.  Don't let anyone tell you how you should celebrate.  Celebrate in the way that seems best to you and your family.

Joyous Yule!


  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Happy holiday season to you and Pam! I'll see you around :)

  1. Jean says:

    Awwww.... so glad you're having fun. Reconnecting with people is what it's all about. That an celebrating the good that life has to offer.

    Hubby will be in your neck of the woods tomorrow for a job interview. I'm excited for him.

    Unfortunately it's a really quick trip, but I can't wait to see how it pans out. I'll keep you posted.

  1. Hey, man, if you are enjoying. have at it!

  1. Sounds like the two of you are enjoying the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and Pam.

  1. Anonymous says:

    All the best for the season!

  1. Wonderful that you and Pam are reconnecting with friends.

    Enjoy, smile and have fun

  1. Linda says:

    It sounds to me like you and Pam are celebrating the holiday season exactly as it's supposed to be done - good for you! Have fun, rest those ribs every once in awhile!