A drinking problem

Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by Travis Cody in

No, it's not me.  But this cat...


  1. Wouldn't a bowl be easier? Never saw a cat who liked to get wet like that

  1. I think he must have liked the way the sound of the water changed. At the end, he moved only his ear in order to keep the water making that tumbling sound.

    LOVED the way he kept licking the water off his drippy face.

  1. That's what's called doing it the hard way. This is someone whose mother never taught them the right way to do things...

  1. I've seen that video before. Whitey preferred running water and would rarely, if ever, drink from a bowl. Gracie prefers to drink her water from her right front paw. Having had cats for nearly 9 years now, nothing would surprise me... well. Almost nothing. :)