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It's encores and results!

Well gang, by the time you get to the end of this post you'll know which three couples will dance next Monday for scores and points to try and win that Glittering Globe of Glory.

But first, we have encores.  We liked every performance from Monday night, so you get videos of 4 dances and links to the other 4.  Got it?

I thought Katherine and Mark were off to a great start with their Quickstep, which scored 29 from the judges.  Salsa was their second dance and it was going really well until a mishap at the end resulting in a back injury.  Here's a link to the Salsa, which scored 27 from the judges.

Donald and Peta danced a beautiful Waltz, which scored 28 from the judges.  Their second dance was Samba and scored a point better at 29, but we preferred the Waltz.  Here's a link to the Samba.

William and Cheryl kicked off the night with a terrific Tango, which scored 28 from the judges.  Their second dance was a perfect Samba that scored 30 from the judges and very easily could have been my choice for dance of the night.  Here's a link to the Tango.

Jive was Maria and Derek's second dance, and the cool performance scored 29 from the judges.  But my choice for dance of the night was their first effort, an excellent Argentine Tango that scored 30 from the judges.  Here's a link to the Jive.

Our choice for dance of the night simply came down to personal preference....uhm, my personal preference.  Pam said William and Cheryl had it with that Samba.  She has a point.  But I preferred the Argentine Tango from Maria and Derek.

Here's a reminder of our leader board from Monday night.  It's really close.

59 Maria and Derek
58 William and Cheryl
57 Donald and Peta
56 Katherine and Mark

Alrighty then.  If you're interested in what Louis van Amstel had to say, you can click here.  

The judges select the Samba from William and Cheryl as the encore.

First results...Katherine and Mark are in the performance finale.  And evidently her back is fine because she jumped around like a kid. 

For Macy's Design-A-Dance, voters have decided on Samba danced to Beyonce's The End of Time by Tristan and Chelsie.  Well done!

Alanis Morissette is in the ballroom.  Nice tune.  And that was Blake McGrath with Tyne Stecklein.  Blake is one of the original dancers from Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance, which coincidentally premiers on 24 May.

Woooooooooooooo!!!  Season 15 is going to be an All Star cast!  It's a good thing there's SYTYCD and Duets to keep me entertained during the summer, otherwise it would be tough to wait for the fall DWTS.

Mary J Blige, Julianne Hough, and Diego Boneta hit the ballroom with a high energy performance from the new movie Rock of Ages.  Choreography was by Mia Michaels.  So much cross over between DWTS and SYTYCD...I love it!

Now it's Carrie Underwood before we get to the rest of the results. 

Final results...William and Cheryl are in the performance finale.  Donald and Peta are in the performance finale.

So that means Maria and Derek are eliminated.

You know, in this powerful Final Four, there wasn't going to be a good result.  I've enjoyed Maria throughout the season, dancing through injuries and improving each week.  Well done, my dear.

Tune in next week.  You don't want to miss this performance finale!

Later gang!


  1. Drat. Missed it again. GN wanted to watch Glee. She's finally old enough because it's PG14, so I let her choose what to watch last night. Thanks for the post about DWTS.

  1. Cherie says:

    As so many have said, all four of them deserve to be the finals. I would bet money that Katherine capitalized on the sympathy vote. The incident certainly got me to vote. I'm sorry to see Maria go. I have been so impressed with her improvement through the season, the way she totally commits to something. Well done, Maria!

  1. Sorry I missed. Same reason about Glee. Afraid I'm a major Gleek. Thank you for the replays.

  1. Without you, I would have no idea what was going on. Just no time to watch.

    OH and I have a new post, but it is on this time!

  1. Mags says:

    I just love the costumes for dancing. I'm not a fan of dancing myself, but watching it is great fun-if only the audience could wear the sparkley flowy dresses...