Five on Friday Update

Posted: Saturday, June 02, 2012 by Travis Cody in

As you can see if you try to play back my FoF play list from yesterday, there have been some changes over at  The site has decided to enforce logging in to create play lists.  And evidently they've decided to disable the embedding feature so the play lists will no longer play on the blogs.  You have to go to to play the Sets.  I didn't notice that part until today.


Don't get me wrong.  I don't like to cheat anyone out of royalties that are due, and I don't like to violate copyrights.  I respect the decision by, if they did it to protect copyrighted material.

(I suspect a significant reason they did it is to get more traffic to the site.)

Still, the digital age is here to stay.  So music and images and the written word are out there in the internet to be found and used by millions of people who aren't paying a cent in royalties and are likely violating copyrights with no ill intent.  We just want to share the things that touch our emotions.

That's kind of what blogging and other social media is all about, yes?  When we encounter restrictions to the ease with which we do that, we find another way.

Five on Friday will continue.  I won't be using anymore, since the purpose of FoF is to share the music and I won't force listeners to jump through a lot of hoops to listen.  I'll be presenting my Sets in videos from YouTube, unless or until another option presents.  And I will continue to credit the artists of the songs I choose.  It's not the same as paying royalties, but at least I'm not misrepresenting the material I choose to convey my emotions.

I hope you'll join me.

Later gang!


  1. Rick says:

    Well, that sucks. But you're right, the digital age is here to stay.

  1. Linda says:

    I agree with you 100 percent on this all the way around; I would think that artists would want to get their music out there to be heard as sometimes once you hear one song, you just have to go out and buy the CD (I was going to say album which is now vinyl but that really would have been showing my age!)

    The only problem that I've encountered with YouTube videos is that you have to be careful that they'll play on your blog and that there's no copyright infringement there either. So many times I've found a good song only to find that it won't play once it's embedded.

    Talk about making people jump through hoops! I'm hoping to get a set up this coming Friday though I'll have to block it out in advance as time manages to get away from me something fierce these days!

  1. Sorry to hear that. I enjoyed these features and you often linked me to some songs that really brought back memories.

  1. As I did not play last week, I did not see these changes until this morning as I began to formulate my set. DANG! Now I guess I will wait until I get home and put one together and load it as an mp3... DANG