Cut them some slack

Posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 by Travis Cody in

There are 39 disciplines being contested at the 2012 Olympic Games.  Within those 39 disciplines, there are 302 total events.  There are about 10,500 athletes from 204 nations competing in those events.  And a lot of those events have multiple rounds over several days just to get to the medals.

NBC has 4 hours in prime time every evening over 17 days.  Plus an extra hour on Sundays.  That's about 71 hours.

So anyone complaining about the way NBC edits that prime time coverage might want to consider cutting the network some slack.

If you want to see events live, there are plenty of options.  The networks of NBC Universal are on all day long here in the US.  Xfinity is streaming the games online, and you can get them on your smart phone if you want.  I've seen the equestrian events, a bunch of soccer matches, archery, shooting, water polo, rowing...all before I go to work in the morning.

If I play hookey, I can watch table tennis and basketball and volleyball.  It's an 8 hour time difference between the pacific northwest and London.  But I can see stuff live because NBC Universal is making that possible on NBC Sports, CNBC, and MSNBC during the day. 

And even if I happen across the results during the course of the day - it's tough to avoid spoilers - it doesn't matter because I'll still watch those 4 hours of prime time coverage anyway.

If it matters to you, it's just not that hard to see the events you want to see.  It might be a little inconvenient.  But you know what?  Going to London was an option too.

Enjoy the competition.  It's only every 4 years.  Why waste your energy focusing on what you think is too many commercials, or spoilers, or prime time editing you don't agree with and really can't do anything about anyway?

It's the Olympics.  It's sports.  It's supposed to be fun.


  1. Well, since you asked... :D

    There is nothing I need to see so badly that I will sit through commercials. They totally lose me. I lose interest. I get up and walk away to do something and totally forget I was watching something. Not that I care that much about any TV. I turn on the TV for some white noise while I drift off to asleep. I do DVR the few shows that interest me and I zap through the commercials. Or I simply put in a DVD movie or listen to music or an audio book.

    But then, that's just me. And that's OK. :D

  1. Linda says:

    Here! Here! Well said as always!

    To be honest, I've not watched that much of the Olympics because I simply don't watch that much TV but I have seen some of the swimming and a little bit of the gymnastics - oh, and a couple of preliminary events in Track & Field. Beyond that, I haven't minded the spoilers in the least as I am adult enough to realize that there is a time zone difference and not everything is planned just for the convenience of we Americans.

    Sometimes I think we need to seriously get over ourselves!

  1. I just enjoy whatever happens to be on, though I haven't watched a huge amount.

  1. Jeni says:

    Thanks, Trav for providing a voice of common sense and reason to the incessant grumblings and bitchings of some who just can't be pleased no matter what or how things are broadcast! I loved your advice that a trip to London was also an option. Sage, very sage!
    Good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Who's complaining? Send them my way! Hahaha!
    Enjoying it on all channels immensely :)

  1. Well said, Trav. I don't have cable, so I take what I can get.

  1. Cherie says:

    I've really enjoyed watching the Olympics this time. It's the first time in many go-arounds that it's fit into my schedule. I've been having a good time with it. :)

  1. Excellent points Travis...I have watched as much as possible