Five on Friday Set 147

Posted: Friday, November 09, 2012 by Travis Cody in

Spencer Davis Group.  Traffic.  Blind Faith.

Question:  What do they all have in common?

Answer:  Steve Winwood.

I've always thought that Mr Winwood has one of the distinctive voices in modern rock/pop/R&B music.  When I hear that voice on the radio, I know immediately who it is.  He's also a pretty terrific songwriter, spanning five decades.

I like his early work with SDG, Traffic, and Blind Faith.  Today I decided to feature some of his great solo stuff because it's such a perfect fusion of wicked good pop and pure R&B with soul. 

Have a fantabulous weekend!

Valerie, written by Steve Winwood/Will Jennings, released in 1982

Higher Love, written by Steve Winwood/Will Jennings, released in 1986

Back in the High Life Again, written by Steve Winwood/Will Jennings, released in 1987

The Finer Things, written by Steve Winwood, released in 1987.  "While there is time, let's go out and feel everything."

Roll With It, written by Steve Winwood/Will Jennings/Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Eddie Holland, released in 1988


  1. I've always loved Roll With It even though I always thought it was a direct steal from Shotgun

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    Great set! For a while Steve lived in the Nashville area. I always hoped I would run into him.

    have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm.

  1. I kind of like Higher love, though I can't play it now or one of my colleages might hear it and make fun of me for moving away from my metal cred. :)

  1. I often say I didn't love the music of the 80's, but there are a few exceptions to every rule. He does have a unique sound!

    Have a lovely weekend, Trav!

  1. A great set,I love them all.Steve does have one of those great voices.thanks for sharing this set.