Senior Day

Posted: Saturday, November 17, 2012 by Travis Cody in

I'm not watching college football this year. I've been boycotting the bowl games because of the inherent unfairness in the way the NCAA determines what it calls its national champion.  This year I decided not to watch any of it during the season either.

We took back our Saturdays during the fall. 

But I do want to acknowledge Senior Day for Notre Dame.  It's a tradition and I respect tradition. 

I offer my congratulations to this group of seniors who are 11-0 with only USC next week standing between the Irish and their first undefeated season in 24 years.

Best wishes to these Notre Dame seniors. May you find success in your future endeavors.

Blake Breslau
Carlo Calabrese
Jordan Cowart
Tyler Eifert
Nick Fitzpatrick
Dan Fox
Jake Golic
Dennis Mahoney
Zack Martin
Zeke Motta
Grant Patton
Theo Riddick
Chris Salvi
Will Salvi
Tyler Stockton
Matt Tansey
Nick Taush
Manti Te'o
Robby Toma
Ben Turk
Kevin Walsh
Chris Watt
Cierre Wood
Braxston Cave
Mike Golic Jr
John Goodman
Kapron Lewis-Moore
Dan McCarthy
Jamoris Slaughter


  1. Good to see Notre Dame have a good year. I'm rooting for them. And after yesterday they have a good chance to go to the national championship.