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We shall continue with frivolity while our thoughts remain with the victims of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  

It's encores and results!

There was lots of good stuff in Monday's performances.  Here's what we liked.

We were pleasantly surprised by the Quickstep from Sean and Peta, with Chelsie Hightower and Tristan MacManus.  Scroll to about 1:55 for the dance.

We liked the Samba from Aly and Mark, with Witney Carson and Tony Dovolani.  Scroll forward to about 2:03 for the dance.

We loved the Foxtrot from Kellie and Derek, with Anna Trebunskaya and Henry Byalikov.  I've watched this back several times now and I keep finding new little details that make me smile.

Dance of the night honors go to the nearly perfect Argentine Tango from Zendaya and Val, with Anna Trebunskaya and Maks Chmerkovskiy.  There has been a lot of talk about the maturity with which Zendaya dances, and rightfully so.  But I also want to point out the maturity in Val's choreography.  He is making some fantastic dances.  Scroll forward to about 2:30 for the dance. 

There was some other good stuff too.  I think the celebrities took good advantage of having the extra pros involved this week. 

We get commentary from both Louis van Amstel and Sabrina Bryan this week.  Click here to see what they had to say.

Here's a reminder of our leader board from Monday:

29 Zendaya and Val
27 Kellie and Derek
26 Jacoby and Karina
25 Aly and Mark
24 Sean and Peta
21 Victor and Lindsay
21 Ingo and Kym
18 DL and Cheryl
18 Andy and Sharna

Wow!  That was the kind of opening I expect to be dazzled by in a couple of months when So You Think You Can Dance returns for Season 10.  The piece was choreographed by Mark and Derek.

First results...Kellie and Derek are safe. 

The judges select the Jive from Jacoby and Karina as the encore.  I would have put this in my encores, but Mr Jones had to go and mention the kick off return from the Super Bowl.  So no encores for nassty Ravensess!

More results...Zendaya and Val are safe.

The Band Perry is in the ballroom, accompanied by Witney and Tristan.  The song was meh, but it's always a pleasure to watch Witney.  She's a 10 out of 10 YEOWSAs.

More results...Jacoby and Karina are safe.  Aly and Mark are safe. 

Macy's Stars of Dance is choreographed by Stacey Tookey, stars dancers Tyne Stecklein and Jeremy Hudson, and features music by someone called Kerli.  That was amazing.  The music was beautiful and the dance was so passionate.  Excellent.  

Selena Gomez returns to the ballroon.  Sometimes I just don't enjoy the music from the special guests, and this is one of those times.  So I pass the 3-4 minutes trying to spot dancers I recognize. 

Final results...Sean and Peta are safe.  Andy and Sharna are safe.  Ingo and Kym are safe.  Victor and Lindsay are safe.

That means DL and Cheryl are eliminated.

I think DL had a great run.  The first week showed him how difficult this show can be if you are rhythmically and musically challenged.  Then he showed us how much he valued the experience by working hard and improving.  He could have made this a joke, but he didn't.  He respected the audience and I appreciate that.  Well done.

Tune in next when when DWTS celebrates the music of Stevie Wonder.  And it's team dances next week.  Kellie and Zendaya are captains for either Team Paso Doble or Team Samba. 

Peace gang.


  1. Cherie says:

    I think this is a good result. DL was having such a difficult time, but I'm glad that he got to the point where he was having fun with it. I had a thought about the dancing when country artists visit. I would love it if they featured country style dancing, meaning Two-Step, Country Swing, etc. They certainly have their roots in ballroom, and they have a character all their own. Not to mention that they are the most likely dances to be done in real life to those songs.

  1. Anonymous says:

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