Five on Friday Set 168

Posted: Friday, April 05, 2013 by Travis Cody in

I think I've told you that I inherited my love of music from my mom and my grandmother.  They both loved all kinds of music, and I've come to enjoy all kinds as well.  There is very little I dislike.  Most of what I don't care for is music that I can't hear properly.  By that, I mean that my ear can't find and interpret a melody.  Think rap and  heavier heavy metal for examples of what I mean.

That was my mom's objection to "my" music, too.  I think we've all gone through a phase when "our" music just wasn't appreciated by the adults around us.  For me and my mom, the division came with Led Zeppelin.

Her ear couldn't find the melody in most Led Zep tunes.  She tolerated some of the more radio friendly stuff.  But she yelled for me to turn it down when I played the real head banger stuff.

Some years later, she wanted me to listen to a tune she was enjoying.  She told me the name of the group, but I didn't recognize it.  Then she played the song.  Imagine my surprise when I heard the voice of Robert Plant.  We both enjoyed the R&B sound, but my mom had a hard time connecting the voice she liked in this style to what her ear couldn't interpret in the heavy metal genre.

She ended up giving Led Zep another think.  She still had a hard time with some of it, but she liked a lot more than she had before.

So this week, in honor of my mom retrying something she wasn't really sure she liked, it's Robert Plant fronting both the Honeydrippers and Led Zeppelin.

Five on Friday Set 168 by Travis on Grooveshark

Sea of Love, written by Phil Phillips/George Khoury, originally released by Phil Phillips in 1959, released by The Honeydrippers in 1984

I Got A Woman, written by Ray Charles/Renald Richard, originally released by Ray Charles in 1954, released by The Honeydrippers in 1984

Rockin' At Midnight, written by Roy Brown, originally released by Roy Brown in 1947, released by The Honeydrippers in 1984

Rock and Roll, written by John Bonham/John Paul Jones/Jimmy Page/Robert Plant, released by Led Zeppelin in 1972

Stairway to Heaven, written by Jimmy Page/Robert Plant, released by Led Zeppelin in 1971


  1. of course I gotta play STairway to heaven, my favorite song for many a year.

  1. Rockin' at Midnight swings, baby! And Rock and Roll is an all-time favorite of mine. Just LOVE Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin. Hadn't heard the Honeydrippers in awhile, so loved those tunes this week.

    *happy sigh*

  1. The hard rockers, rap, and metal are hard for me as well. There will be a few songs I like particularly with Zeppelin but it's selective. Now Robert Plant with Allison Krause singing blue grass is beautiful music.

  1. Funny isn't it that we end up enjoying the same music as our parents in many cases. Dad is a big Springsteen fan...does not get the grateful Dead, but hey, some my age don't either!

    Great set

  1. Travis a great set indeed,but two great songs jumped out at me this week,Sea of love and Stairway to heaven.I went Doo Wop this week.

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    Hubby and I are relaxing and listening to your set. Good one!

  1. Anonymous says:

    As I read your post, I thought of myself as a total square and jumped to the conclusion that I wouldn't recognize anything in your set today. Yipee! I recognized one, so maybe still a square with slightly rounded corners. Thanks for the set! GGG