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It's encores and results!

Before we begin, I want to wish my Lady a very happy birthday.

Our final five couples are whittled to the Final Four in the Finale by the end of this post.  In the middle, I've got stuff and things.

First it's what we liked from Monday's performances.  I decided to show one each from our pairs' two performances because one of our five remaining couples is going to come up just short of getting to dance a freestyle in the finale.

Ingo and Kym danced Samba and Charleston.  I chose to show the Samba mainly because I liked it better, but also because I thought their Charleston was a bit sloppy and over-scored.  Scroll to about 1:59 for the dance.

Aly and Mark danced Rumba and Afro Jazz.  I liked their Rumba, but I chose to show the Afro Jazz because it was so different and so well done.  Sorry for the extra long clip.  Scroll to about 3:35 for the dance.

Jacoby and Karina danced Argentine Tango and Lindy Hop.  He did dance a nice Tango, but those turned in toes just bug me.  I chose to show the Lindy Hop because the dance was so much fun to watch that I didn't mind the toes at all.  Scroll to about 3:28 for the dance.

Kellie and Derek danced Argentine Tango and Flamenco.  I loved their Flamenco, but I chose their Argentine Tango because of that brilliant silhouette work at the top.  Scroll forward to about 1:22 for the dance.

Zendaya and Val danced Quickstep and Hip Hop.  I don't think they did very well with that Quickstep, so I chose the Hip Hop.  And what a Hip Hop it was indeed.  That's my dance of the night, just edging out the Argentine Tango from K&D.  Scroll forward to about 3:15 for the dance.

Excellent work!

Here's a reminder of our combined leader board after Monday's dances:

59 Aly and Mark
59 Jacoby and Karina
58 Kellie and Derek
55 Zendaya and Val
51 Ingo and Kym

And here's a look at what Louis van Amstel had to say

Hey!  Happy 300th show!!

The pros and our Troupe are fantastic in the opening number.  Lots of sparkles and shiny.  That piece was choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

First results...Jacoby and Karina are in the finale.

Judges select the Argentine Tango from Kellie and Derek.

AT&T Spotlight features a 10 year old who set a world record for number of consecutive pirouettes about a month ago.  Her name is Sophia Lucia from San Diego.  That's 55 pirouettes gang.  Chelsie Hightower is this little girl's favorite dancer, and Chelsie made a dance for her and danced it with her with Lindsay, Witney, and Tyne.  How fun was that!! 

The Wanted is in the ballroom.  That was OK and the message of feeding hungry children is quite admirable.  Plus we got a lovely bonus to see Blake McGrath and Tyne Stecklein accompany the music with a beautiful dance.

And Avril Lavigne is here.  I love it when the musical guests have our pros and Trouple dance with them.  I guess it's OK when they bring their own dancers too. 

More results...Kellie and Derek are in the finale.

Christina Grimmie provides the music to a stunning piece danced by Sharna Burgess and Gleb Savchanko.  That was mesmerizing.  Wow.

Hey gang...have I said how much I have enjoyed our Troupe and pros "dancing us on and off" this season?  You know how much I enjoy watching these dancers.  Getting to see them dance as we go to commercial and then again as we come back from break has been great.  I hope that trend continues for future seasons.  Season 17 hasn't yet been announced.

Final results...Aly and Mark are in the finale.  Zendaya and Val are in the finale.

That means Ingo and Kym are eliminated.

I say this is the correct Final Four.  I think these are the 4 best celebrities for Season 16, and it's right and proper that they be the ones to dance free styles in the finals.

That's right gang.  Next week we get the 2 night super step over lip lock Season 16 performance and results finale and our winner of the Glittering Globe of Glory.

Later gang!

Oh wait!  I forgot to tell you.

SYTYCD premiered last night with a quick one hour look at first auditions.  Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy began in LA with guess judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

What's that?  I forgot what?





  1. Akelamalu says:

    Happy Birthday to your lovely wife. :)

  1. Cherie says:

    Happy Birthday to Pam! I agree. The correct result. I also made note as the two couples "in jeopardy" were coming down the stairs that they weren't necessarily the two couples with the lowest combined scores. I think he said that last week too. Just to add a little more drama, I suppose. No matter how you cut it, based on judges scores, there wasn't much range from worst to first, so really it could have been anyone's game. One more week. I'm sad. :(

  1. Cherie says:

    Ah, yeah, I meant that Tom said that the two couples weren't necessarily the two lowest scores. Ha! :D