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We're meeting our Top 20 tonight.  Not only do we find out the names of the 10 gals and 10 guys who will dance for our votes to become America's Favorite Dancer in Season 10, but we get to see them dance choreographed routines in their own styles...and nobody gets eliminated.

Emmy nominated Cat Deeley is stunning in sparkly short outfit that shows off the beautiful LEGSSES to breathtaking effect.  Hair and makeup = gorgeous.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman, tWitch Boss, and Mia Michaels give the news to final 33 dancers to get through Vegas week, while Nigel, Mary, and Adam preside over a night of no pressure dancing from our Top 20.

Pam and I are just going to sit back and enjoy.  I just might bring you a few encores from these performances.  For now, here's our Top 20.  For reasons I don't quite understand, SYTYCD didn't bother to update the main website with the cast photographs, or any bios.  So I put down what I could find.  I'll fill out missing details next week.

Alan Bersten, Ballroom
Brittany Cherry, Ballroom
Mackenzie Dustman, 18 year old Contemporary dancer
Hayley Erbert, 18 year old Contemporary dancer
Carlos Garland, Contemporary
Nico Greetham, 18 year old Contemporary dancer
Jasmine Harper, 19 year old Contemporary  dancer
Dorian "BluPrint" Hector, 19 year old Animator
Curtis Holland, 18 year old Tap dancer
Jenna Johnson, 18 year old Ballroom dancer
Alexis Juliano, 18 year old Tap dancer
Paul Karmiryan, 21 year old Ballroom dancer
Tucker Knox, 22 year old Contemporary dancer
Jasmine Mason, 19 year old Contemporary dancer
Malece Miller, 19 year old Contemporary dancer
Maria Spears, 19 year old Hip Hop dancer
Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall, 18 year old Hip Hop dancer
Aaron Turner, Tap
Amy Yakima, 19 year old Contemporary dancer
Jade Zuberi. 21 year old Animator

I'll be honest.  This cast doesn't blow my dress up.  Well, it wouldn't if I wore dresses.  But there are some very intriguing kids in this group with tons of potential.  And I do mean kids...did you notice how many teenagers there are?  And the rest are in their early 20s. 

I kind of like it when no one jumps right out and grabs my vote.  That means I can sit back and watch them all grow.

So let's do that, eh?  Tune in next week when this top 20 competes for votes.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the wrap-up. I didn't watch because of the recitals we are attending this week. GGG

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    So that was the smile I felt coming from the South...LOL! It's Legsses time! LOL! Have fun watching. :)

  1. Cherie says:

    As soon as I saw Cat, I knew you'd be in heaven. :)