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I started a journey about this time three years ago.  Thus the odd post title.  The journey has been going well.  I stumbled a little bit last year, but since that stumble I've figured some stuff out and made some adjustments.  I won't list out the specifics.  The point isn't to talk about the how and the what.

The point is the why.

This is always a tough time of year for me, as we approach the commemoration of the terrorist attacks of 11 Sept 2001.  I can feel it coming as August turns to September.  Last year it snuck up on me and I had some trouble.  This year I've been able to clear my head and get back to my retrospection, leading me to introspection, and thus to my present re-re-re-dedication.

Dedication:  The act of binding oneself, intellectually or emotionally, to a course of action.

I now forge ahead with my list of things to do, with intent.

  • I'm a kind person.  I like the way being kind makes me feel.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to being kind.
  • I believe that when one is denied the inalienable rights set forth in the Declaration of, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...then those rights become meaningless for all.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to advocating for equal rights for all.
  • I was taught that there is honor in service itself, not in the type of service.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to serving in the way that seems best to me.
  • I was taught that knowledge is power.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to learning all kinds of things.
  • I realize that spirituality is a uniquely personal thing, and I understand that not all faiths and forms of spirituality easily stand side by side, and that some may reject any form of faith or spirituality.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to respecting the faith and spirituality, or lack thereof, of all.
  • I believe that hate and prejudice are learned behaviors, mainly based in ignorance and fear.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to becoming more aware of my prejudices, to understanding the root causes of them, and to overcoming and eliminating them.
  • I was taught that I am responsible for my actions, my words, and my choices.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to positive actions, positive words, and positive choices.  I shall own them all.
  • I believe that diversity need not be divisive.  So I shall re-dedicate myself to the celebration of infinite diversity in infinite combination.
I'm not perfect.  I'm an idealist.  I strive to be the best person I can be.  And periodically, I need reminders that being a good person requires patience and persistence.


  1. fight the good fight every moment. I try as well. But it sure does get hard at times. And sometimes you just get so tired. But what else can you do but keep on fighting.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    As long as one does one's best no-one can ask any more Trav. x

  1. Akelamalu says:
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  1. Travis, this is a great post. I like all of your points. Well said.

  1. Jean(ie) says:

    Hon, you're well on your way. That's one awesome set of principles/guides to work from. Hugs.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I re-re-re-concur! GGG