1945 - 2015

Posted: Thursday, January 01, 2015 by Travis Cody in

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015.

This is a commemorative year gang.  It was 70 years ago that World War II came to an end.  I'll be writing about that, not often but certainly strategically throughout the year.  I'm going to spend time with each subject I choose to ensure that my essays are informative and thorough, and above all respectful.

I encourage you all to schedule some time to find out a little more than you previously knew about the era.  Not just about the war, although those events probably should take precedence to any research you do.  But I find it equally important to understand the times.

If you have parents or grandparents that are still with you who experienced the times, ask them to tell you stories.  If you lived in that era, tell your stories.

Above all, please remember that our current times are shaped in large part still by the events of the 1940s...the early war years, the middle years that began the baby boom, and the last years of the decade that set the stage for momentous social change.

Check in here once in awhile through 2015 and I'll share my thoughts with you about 1945.  I'll check in with you too, and maybe you can tell me something about 1945.

Cheers gang.


  1. My dad was about of the age to fight in WWII but had a congenital heart condition that kept him out of the military.

  1. Debra says:

    Travis, just a few days ago I was digging around on ancestry.com. I was wanting to find some things related to my father's military career. When he and I had journeyed back to Guadalcanal he told me he had been on an APc boat and a LCI(G) boat. Since there were many in this class of vessels they were numbered and he could not remember the number of the boats he was assigned on.

    Well, I found the miltary documents on ancestery and found the vessel numbers AND pictures of the vessels he was on! Oh my! what a find! Regretfully Dad is not still with us to see the photos.

    Thanks for this post and I will look forward to reading your future post on this subject.