Sports Saturday

Posted: Saturday, November 03, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Here's our BCS Top 10 as we begin the day:

1 Ohio State hosts 21 Wisconsin
2 Boston College hosts Florida State
3 LSU at 17 Alabama
4 Arizona State at 5 Oregon
5 Oregon hosts 4 Arizona State
6 Oklahoma hosts Texas A&M
7 West Virgina idle
8 Kansas hosts Nebraska
9 Missouri at Colorado
10 Georgia hosts Troy

This could be the day that Navy breaks it's 43 game losing streak to Notre Dame. Navy has the top ranked rushing offense in the NCAA at over 343 yards per game, while the Irish defense is dead last at stopping the run. Notre Dame hasn't done much right all season. Maybe the Irish will have to hit rock bottom before things can begin to improve. I mean no disrespect to the Naval Academy by that comment.

There is a huge game in the Pac 10 today, and it doesn't involve USC. #4 Arizona State visits #5 Oregon in a game that gives the winner the best run to the Pac 10 title. That's the first a trip to the Rose Bowl for your school. But both the Sun Devils and the Ducks have national championship aspirations. The question is, do they have the resumes? The first step comes today. An undefeated ASU squad would seem to have the stronger case. But Oregon at one loss is poised to move up in case any team ahead of them falters. I'm gonna be neutral here. My pal Desert Songbird is out in Arizona, and my new pal Sparky lives and dies with the Ducks. Best of luck!

The Huskies are at Stanford today. This has been the most exciting 2-6 season I've seen in a long time. UW has been competitive all season. They are a young team and prone to mistakes. The future is bright for the Huskies. Stanford smacked USC upside the head and helped loosen the strangle hold USC has had on the Pac 10 for the last few years. I expect this to be a good game, and I'm hoping the Huskies can break through.

Dixie's Vols are home today against Louisiana-Lafayette. After a bit of a slow start, UT has won 5 of its last 6 games and has clawed its way to 2nd place behind Georgia in the SEC East standings. The Vols beat Tennessee earlier in the season, so they appear to control their own destiny at the moment. Things could get a little fierce long about Nov 24 as UT has a date in Lexington with Turnbaby's Kentucky Wildcats. Oh my.

I should keep an eye on #1 Ohio State today. I'm still trying to do the math to see how we can get a Pac 10 team into the BCS Championship. It's still kind of iffy with the formulas, but I think it works better if there's at least one undefeated team at the end of the season. I prefer OSU to Boston College...sorry gang, I'm down on New England sports teams at the moment. It's an emotional thing ya know.

Pam and I are having a play day. I'll check in later with some observations.

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  1. Schmoop says:

    Go Irish!! Cheers Trav!!

  1. Not only am I in AZ, I'm a Sun Devil graduate - got my MBA in 1998.


    Oh, and of course, I live with an Ohio State grad, and I'm a die-hard Irish fan.


    This could be a veeeeeerrrrrry emotional day here.

  1. As usual, I don't know which team to choose so I'm going to do so the democratic way. Eenie-meenie-mienie-mo (that's German for "I don't know what the heck I'm talking about)......I'm going with Navy because I want the entire Navy to have a peace globe.

    Logic. See? I'm logical too!

    Or not.

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  1. Yep, an important day in the college matchups. Looking forward to the Colts and Patriots tomorrow.

  1. I love ANY team that smacks USC upside the head....but I'm kinda cheering for ASU to wear Roses!

  1. Jeff B says:

    Never followed college games to much till I moved to Oregon. If you don't have a favorite between the Ducks or Beavers around here you might as well be from Mars.

    Go Ducks!

    Not from Mars.

  1. Matt: It's getting tough not to start calling for the head of Coach Weis.

    Songbird: You must have had a very up and down day.

    Mimi: Very well reasoned my dear.

    Charles: I'm feeling the Colts. Maybe it's wishful thinking.

    Katherine: It could happen.

    Jeff: When I moved to Washington I had to face the same kind of pressure to convert. Luckily I already followed the Huskies. But they'll never make me a Seahawks fan!

  1. Unknown says:

    Actually, the picture makes me cry, but I'm happy that you're in love :D