Dancing - week 8

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Cue the theme music!

Live! This is Dancing With the Stars!!

Woooooooooooooooooooo!! Such simple and silly words and we love them. Somebody told me today that I enjoy this show too much. Too much, said I. Yes, said he.

Then he said I qualified for status as an honorary gay man. I don't quite know what to say to that, so...

On with the show!

Ballroom is first. If you didn't watch last season, you missed such a wonderful moment. Jerry Springer danced a beautiful Waltz with Kym. He went on the show so he could learn to Waltz, so that he could dance with his daughter at her wedding. I learned how to Waltz so I could dance with my sister at hers. Maybe I'll share that story another day.

Ian and Cheryl (Happy Birthday!) dance Foxtrot. That was classy and sophisticated. Ian is finally enjoying the spirit of these dances and he's performing well. I have to agree that his lower body didn't seem right to me, but his upper body posture was very good. The judges really picked on it though. Judges say 8,7,7 for a total of 22. That's really low and he needs to nail the Rumba later.

Joey and Kym dance Waltz. They danced very well. It was beautiful, elegant, and technically good, but it wasn't a fairy tale and that's what I want from a Waltz. Len called it proper ballroom dancing, which it was, but Bruno and Carrie Ann thought it lacked his usual flair. Judges say 9,9,8 for a total of 26. That 8 is too low.

Billy Ray and Karina dance Foxtrot. Walking the steps is not dancing. He's counting again with the head bobs. The man can't dance. It's the same every week. They give him props again for his effort, but at this point in the competition they simply have to judge this as it was. Bruno called him deliciously awful. He just needs to leave the competition. Judges say 7,6,5 for a total of 18. The 7 is too high.

Muhammed Ali in the ballroom y'all.

Laila and Maks dedicate the Waltz to Mom & Dad. That was the fairy tale that a proper Waltz should be, and set it slightly apart from Joey & Kym. It was beautiful and romantic and elegant and sweet. The judges picked on some technical things about her posture and frame. She's so muscular (YEOWSA!!) in her upper body that sometimes she looks stiff. But she could kick my ass so I wouldn't tell her that!! Judges say 9's across for a total of 27.

Apolo and Julianne dance Tango. This could be the worst music selection in the history of this show. Tango to Jesse's Girl. And they played the music too loud. Yeesh. I didn't really like that dance much. I have to agree with Len on this one. I think Bruno and Carrie Ann were caught up in the loud music and the crowd reaction. Julianne had to choreograph to that music and she did her best - but the music really did not allow them to do a proper Tango. Judges say 10,8,10 for a total of 28. The 10's are too high.

Well evidently there is controversy with the judging as Carrie Ann says she meant to thow a 10 but punched in 9 on her electronic scoring. The 9 is the proper score for that dance, in my opinion. But now they allow her to change the score to a 10. What a crock.

And now Latin. This is Emmitt & Cheryl's Rumba from last season.

Ian and Cheryl dance Rumba. That was an excellent Rumba. The technique was wonderful and he performed the dance well. At this point, I don't think there is any pleasing the judges for Ian. It's unfortunate because he's a fine dancer and he's not getting credit for it. Judges say 8,8,9 for a total of 25. Bruno did reward the dance. It's not a bad score, but it's not likely to get them to the final.

Joey and Kym dance Mambo. He's great at the up tempo stuff. That was a controlled dance. Early in the competition he might have taken that to a manic level, but he has learned how to dial it down without losing the charm and spirit of the dance. His personality feeds it, and he's learned how to load up the dance without losing the technique. Judges say 10,9,10 for a total of 29.

Billy Ray and Karina dance Mambo. OK, can we clearly see the difference here? A great Mambo was followed by a lousy one. The dancing is just bad. Judges say 6,7,7 for a total of 20. Those 7's are ridiculously high.

Billy Ray can bitch all he wants to, but he can't dance. He's been kept on the show on the strength of fans who will vote for him no matter what. I just want to see some good dancing. The judges are grading the other dancers based on their ability to correctly perform all the steps, interpret the character of each dance, and perform. Billy Ray gets judged on his effort and how charming he is. YAY for charming, but it doesn't change the fact that he can't dance.

Laila and Maks dance Jive. She danced that very well, but I still thought something was lacking. It didn't seem as fun as a Jive should be. I didn't like the beginning at all - they needed to dance more. The choreography seemed a little too easy. I agree with Len; Laila is an excellent dancer and doesn't need gimmicks. She needs difficult choreography so she can perform. Judges say 9,8,9 for a total of 26.

Apolo and Julianne dance Paso Doble. They had all the elements of a proper Paso, with the exception of the bobble on the big slide move. They had the passion and fire the dance needed and they sold it well. Too bad about the bobble, otherwise that would probably have earned a couple 10's. (I typed that before the judges threw their scores). Judges say 10's across for a perfect 30??? How do you get a perfect score when you almost fall on your ass???


It's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...

I'm sorry. You can't nearly fall on your ass and get a perfect score. That's ridiculous, even for a TV show.

The leader board...

58 Apolo and Julianne - the 5 10's they got tonight were not earned
55 Joey and Kym - best combination of dances tonight
53 Laila and Maks - great Waltz, not quite great Jive
47 Ian and Cheryl - better than they are getting credit for
38 Billy Ray and Karina - I've had enough

Both Pam and I are a little frustrated with the judging tonight. Most particularly, we think the 30 for Apolo & Julianne's Paso was ridiculously wrong.

It's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...

Nelly Furtado performs on the results show. And perhaps we'll finally say goodnight to Billy Ray.

It's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...it's only a TV show...


  1. julie says:

    That's entertainment sweet Travis!

    I wonder if anything will be said about Billy Ray's feud with Bruno? I must admit I was truly hoping for an 8 just so he could get his dream.

    I do think he needs an attitude adjustment though.People shouldn't be mean and use nasty words..but HEY that's life and he's a big boy and should know how to deal with it.

    I think the judges especially Bruno are tired of being NICE and trying to find complementary adjectives for the man.

  1. Jay says:

    Wow, you really love your dancing.
    I'm surprised to learn that Billy Ray fans exist at this point in time.

  1. remember to watch
    remember to watch
    remember to watch
    eat cake
    remember to watch

    ok, got it!

    smiles, bee

  1. TopChamp says:

    Hello - like the vids - cheers! I have to say that does sound like a high score, but they said on the british one that they use relative scoring so if they thought it was better than the other dance that scored almost as highly then there's no other way to go..?

    p.s. I put the harry potter one in there just for you...

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus is my hero. Well, him and David Hasslehoff. Cheers!!

  1. Angell says:

    I have to agree with you on one thing - JESSIE'S GIRL? WTF was the music director thinking? That was just plain cheese all over.

    And will Billy Ray PUHLEEEZE just go home?

  1. Travis says:

    Julie: Well, the "crap" comment really was crossing the line. I suppose he should have just said the dance wasn't good enough and left it at that.

    Jay: I do love it! There out there alright, and the scary thing is that we don't know who they are.

    Bee: I didn't send you a reminder this week! Yikes!

    TC: Well that relative scoring thing makes a little bit of sense. I'm still annoyed at the perfect score for a dance that wasn't perfect.

    Matt: Snarf!

    Angell: Talk about a song that completely distracted from the actual dancing!

  1. I can't say anything I am still bitter about Bo Bice on Idol..

    Only a show..only a show..

  1. Yes Travis, it's only a show. I didn't watch last night but after reading your review I wished that I had... The Great Muhammad Ali and Mrs. Ali in audience... that's wonderful!

    I said that Billy Ray should have been gone a long time ago..

  1. It's only a TV show....it's only a TV show....that's what I say to myself about bloggin. It's only a blog....it's only a blog.

    Catch ya later. Going to watch American Idol.

  1. Steven says:

    Travis, as usual I'm right with you. Apollo made a few mistakes visible to me in the Tango (like kicking before he was supposed to). And they bobbled a few moves in the paso as well. It clearly proves to me that the judges have favorites...which is why Ian can't catch a break. They forgive Laila for her posture, but not Ian??? Well, like most things in life, it's totally subjective. Thanks for the report!

  1. Sanni says:

    Hi Trav!

    If you´re feeling used today, it is my fault ;)

    I´m taking part in a blog scavenger hunt. We had to search for a post about pet. Well, cut Mr Tucker spooked into my mind and so I mentioned your blog...

    The German version of "Dancing" part 2 is about to start next week. Impressive title: Dancing again!

    Have a great day!

  1. Travis says:

    Starrlight: I know. He's barely gotten a chance.

    Dixie: Right and right, logically. But who said I can behave logically?!?!?

    Mimi: ROTFL! We are sick, aren't we?

    Steven: Those 5 10's. Grrrrr. My lady and I are worried that Ian just might be eliminated tonight.

    Sanni: YAY for German Dancing! And I'm here at your service - use me as needed!

  1. lisa says:

    but that is just NOT right. you can't fall on your ass and get a 10! thanks for the update and critique. one of these days I will be home on Monday night to watch the show. :-)

  1. BeckEye says:

    Go Ian, go Ian, it's your birfday...

  1. Travis says:

    Lisa: Exactly! And that wonky scoring could have cost a deserving celeb the chance to move on.

    Beck: YAY for Ian!

  1. You all make me laugh... sometimes I think this blog is more entertaining than the show... LOL. Even Billy Ray has been wanting to go home. He openly admits he can't dance and that he should have gone home ages ago.

  1. Trav is a Bo fan?! Have you gotten his CD from his Sugarmoney days? Check it out on Garageband.com