America's Favorite Dancer is....

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007 by Travis Cody in

...I don't know yet!!!!! I do know that now we celebrate dance.

We couldn't decide who to vote for, so we voted for all four of them. They are all our favorites now. We know that someone has to win the grand prize, but we just couldn't choose.

Apologies in advance...there's a lot of video in this post. Judges and choreographers are choosing their favorite routines, and I'm sharing them here. If I posted a video before then I linked back to it.

We did have a favorite performance from last night. It's Lacey and Neil dancing the Lindy Hop.

We also loved the Broadway...

And this was terrific too...

OK...on with the results. It's two hours now until we know who the winner is.

The Top 20 returns to perform Tyce Diorio's Lion King routine and it's fantastic.

Mary Murphy's favorite routine of the season is Lauren and Pasha dancing hip hop. And the two of them finally get the ovation they deserve after the lockdown Thursday night results show. Check it out here.

Nigel decides he'd like to see Wade Robson's brilliant routine featuring Jamie and Hok. See it here.

Jean-Marc Genereaux wants to see Sabra and Dominic dancing a Shane Spark's hip hop routine. This is the one.

Adam Shankman selects the disco routine from Sara and Neil as his favorite moment.

This is Bryan Gaynor and he is amazing...

Wade Robson wants to see Lacey and Danny too!

And with that, Lacey becomes the first of the final four to be eliminated. So America's favorite is Danny or Neil or Sabra.

Shane Sparks wants to see Sara and Pasha doing the west coast swing, choreographed by last season's champion Benji Schwimmer. We loved this dance! Relive it here.

Tyce Diorio's favorite was Anya and Danny's foxtrot. Pam and I believe that this was when Danny really began to connect with voters. It's the first clip here.

Tony Meredith wants to see another Wade Robson routine featuring Sara and Jesus.

Mia Michaels choice for most memorable number is Sabra and Neil and their table dance.

Here comes another elimination...Neil is eliminated. America's favorite dancer is Sabra or Danny.

Dan Karaty wants to see is Mia Michael's special routine, dedicated to her father and featuring Lacey and Neil.

Now let me take this opportunity to thank you for sitting through yet another of my little obsessions. Pam and I have enjoyed sharing this with you.

America's favorite dancer is...Sabra Johnson!!!

Pssssst...Dancing With the Stars premiers Monday, Sept 24. Heehee!!


  1. Bond says:

    Thought it was cool she won....Hope you were happy with the results...

  1. Sanni says:

    Long time no see, I´m sorry, my friend.

    Hope you liked the results. Are you counting the days till "Dancing With The Stars?" =D

  1. Travis says:

    V: We were very pleased with the result. We would have been happy with any of the four, but she has danced with such joy throughout the whole season. Every time she dances, we smile.

    Sanni: Good to see you! We have started our countdown, both to football season and a new round of DWTS!

  1. Turnbaby says:

    Wow--now wonder this wouldn't load!

    I would not have watched this show at all without your enthusiasm just making it so good. I think the result was pretty cool.


  1. Pauline says:

    Thanks for taking the time to give us such excellent coverage of the final. I'm glad you were not disappointed by the results.

  1. Wow, it was a great show last night, 'eh!? The performances were awesome. I was happy with the winner, althought I would've been happy with any of the top four. They were all awesome!

    I was thinking about you while I watched the show last night 'cause I know how much you love it. I should've just waited 'till today to come here for the recap, though. It took me a lot less than two hours here. ;)

  1. do you know who is on the next "Dancing with the Stars"?

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  1. Julie says:

    This was such a sweet show. I'm going to save these videos for later. Thanks so much Travis. I enjoyed this season with you so much!


  1. Anndi says:

    This is why I wanted to marry Fred Astair when I was little...

  1. I loved Odat's and Gracie's dances.

  1. tiggerprr says:

    I was happy with Sabra winning. She seemed the most emotional if that's the right word, about her dancing.

    I really was kind of pulling for Neil though, I love his athleticism. I liked all the top four myself.

    I am taking the daughters to go see the tour in Charlotte, they're pretty excited and so am I! :)

  1. Travis says:

    Starrlight: If you mean Sabra was great, then I agree!

    Turn: I know it's a lot of videos, but we just got such a kick out of the show this season and I wanted to share it.

    Pauline: You are most welcome.

    CWM: I wouldn't have missed those two hours. And I enjoyed summing them up here.

    Katherine: The celebrity list must be out by now since the show debuts in a little over a month. Guess I'll have to do some searching. But dang...I couldn't see the jibjab! I'll have to go back and check it out.

    Julie: I really enjoyed being able to share this with everyone.

    Ann: Anya and Danny's foxtrot made me think of the dancers of the golden era.

    Sarge: I couldn't see them for some reason tonight.

    Tiggerprr: Me too. She danced with a joy that made her so charming.

  1. lisa says:

    That's cool - thx for the videos.

  1. BeckEye says:

    I knew that Sabra would win. Just had that feeling. I was sad when my eye candy Pasha was voted off, but he probably deserved to go. Then eye candy Neil went. Ah well.

    They didn't recreate my favorite dance of the season on finale night, which irked me. I loved when Pasha and his partner (whose name I can't remember now) did that jazz routine to Queen's "Body Language." That was so cool. I was screaming like Mary Murphy. Well, not really. But I really liked it.

  1. Travis says:

    Lisa: You're welcome!

    Beck: I was a little surprised by Sabra's win, but delighted as well. We really enjoyed Pasha all season and were glad that he lasted as long as he did.