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Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I just watched a great Little League baseball game. Dalton Carriker of Georgia hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the 8th to give the US the championship. As his teammates exploded out of the dugout in joy, the boys from Japan collapsed all over the field in agony.

As a group of boys cried in defeat, another group cried in victory.

And then...the magic of youth sports. The champions went to the defeated and embraced them in sportsmanship. There would be time to celebrate after consoling the boys who came up one run short.

There are no losers in Little League.


  1. Wasn't that a great moment? I really hate baseball, but I can tolerate it when it's kids playing.

  1. Julie says:

    Awww that's great, Travis! I'm glad you got to watch that touching moment.

  1. I wish it were like that always, but alas it isn't. Great post Travis...

    You have been awarded the I ♥ Your Blog! award.

    I ♥ Your Blog!

  1. I didn't see or hear that - great story. If our Chandler boys couldn't win, then I'm glad there was a happy ending.

  1. lisa says:

    you are so right. there are no losers in baseball. I loved it when our boys were in little league they learned so much and only half of it involved the rules and plays of the game.

  1. Travis says:

    Joely: I can remember some really rotten Little League parents when I played for a couple years, but none of that was apparent when I watched these kids this week.

    Julie: It really is a wonderful tournament to watch.

    Sandee: But in this case it was. Thanks for including my blog in your list!

    Songbird: I wish I had gotten to see more of the tournament through the week.

    Lisa: I didn't have as good an experience with LL as I did with youth football. I only played baseball for a couple of years before I turned off. But I do enjoy watching this tournament every year.

    CWM: It really was a great moment. The Georgia kids were celebrating such a stunning moment, and then they just stopped and went to the Japanese kids and started hugging them.

  1. JohnH985 says:

    You're right, that's what sports is supposed to be about and to be teaching kids. Too bad we don't see enough of that type behavior in professional sports.

  1. Shelby says:

    more sportsmanship like this please.. I love it :)

  1. Travis says:

    John: It would be nice if more pros would show this kind of behavior. But we must remember that it's also a business at that level. It shouldn't affect sportsmanship, but it does.

    Shelby: Me too.