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Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I didn't make it around to blogs tonight y'all. So I'll catch up with you in the next couple of days.

Well, for the first round of open voting on encores we had two votes.

Vinny his requested encore of the ever classy and elegant Ms Jane dancing her coy and sexy Mambo with partner Tony. Yes, you read that right. Vinny, he of the insightful sports commentary over at The Couch, watched DWTS instead of Monday Night Football! Bwahahahahahahahaha! I'm a good or a bad influence, depending on your point of view! But Vinny has most excellent taste, Ms Jane is worthy of seeing again, and so I am happy to oblige.

You can scroll forward to about 1:45 if you don't want to see the rehearsal footage.

Sweet Julie of Julie's Jewels and Junque requested the Mambo from Cameron and Edyta, mostly because Edyta is fantastic. Pam thinks Cameron is yummy, so we agree with this choice too. This clip has been nicely edited to get quickly to the dance.

Thanks to Vinny and Julie for chiming in with encore votes. Remember, you can cast your vote as well for your favorite dances from the Monday performance shows. Or, if you miss the show or don't/can't watch, you can always request your favorite celebrity.

Pam enjoyed so many of the performances last night. Her encore selection is the most outstanding Mambo from Helio and Julianne. If you don't want to see rehearsal footage, scroll to about :48.

I thought that was the best overall dance of the night. Sabrina's Quickstep with Mark was also outstanding, and certainly encore worthy. But my choice? Marie and Jonathan with their Mambo. It was just a Mambo kinda night...from the music to the costumes to the dances. And I smiled through this entire dance. Scroll to about 1:05 to avoid rehearsal.

Four encores!!! Yikes! Either the dancing is way too good, or we need to be more choosy when we make our choices.

And cue theme music!

The judges select Helio and Julianne for the encore.

Ms Jane and Tony are safe tonight, announced at the top of the show. Ms Jane's mother died sometime Tuesday morning from complications after a stroke. She was 92. Ms Jane has flown back to England to be with her family. She has decided to stay in the competition as a tribute to her mother, who apparently enjoyed the British version of Dancing while she was ill. Pam and I send our condolences to Ms Jane Seymour and her entire family.

Helio and Julianne are also safe.

Queen Latifah in the ballroom. We're liking the jazz number.

Mel and Maks continue, as do Sabrina and Mark. Mark and Kym are safe too.

Queen Latifah returns with an excellent cover of California Dreaming, originally from The Mamas and The Papas. I love this song anyway, and Ms Q did it up right.

Marie and Jonathan are safe, as are Floyd and Karina.

Jennie and Derek survive the slip and are safe with Cameron and Edyta, but Wayne and Cheryl are in the bottom two with Albert and Anna.

America loves Wayne and Cheryl, so Albert and Anna are out. I gotta put that one down to fanbase. If you look at potential and dance ability, certainly America got it wrong. But Wayne is Mr Las Vegas and the one thing to remember about this show is that people will vote for who they love.

Remember to tune in next Monday at 8pm. I didn't catch the two dances for next week, but I think one of them is Tango. And also don't forget...you get a chance to vote for the encore that I'll post here on my Tuesday recap.

Oh...I almost forgot!! Tune in this evening at 7pm EST to Blog Talk Radio for The Mo Show, when Mo talks urban legends in the first of his Halloween themed shows.

Later babies!


  1. Steven says:

    I really thought Albert had some potential...certainly more than Wayne. But you are correct, my friend. Wayne has the fan base.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Wax-Man Wayne is hanging in there. Danke Schoen!!

  1. Hi Trav... I haven't been able to watch Dancing this season as it's across from other things, so it's great to know I can always come here and find out what is happening.

    I have tagged you with the Egel Nest Blog Award!! Come get it at my place.

  1. Bond says:

    Why TY Travis....I had the show on but the sound down as I was acting as SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE CYBERWAVES and adding brilliant questions on the Doc B. Radio happy Hour...so, I did not hear about Ms. Jane's (why do I keep thinking Beverly Hillbillies?)mom passing and i am sad for her, but happy she will continue...

  1. Julie says:

    Hey Travis! Great lowdown from the show....I know if I ever do miss an episode you will be the first one I turn to! Even before the ABC website! Woohoo!!

    I can just picture all the little old ladies voting for Wayne...**sigh** oh well. I'll be a little old lady someday.

  1. Meribah says:

    **Tippy toes through Trav's Thoughts and leaves some graffiti behind** The Puppy Was Here. :P

  1. I am sorta impressed the fan base for Wayne is actually calling in...

  1. Kidlet loves the song Danke Schoen. First heard it in Ferris Bueller. It took my YEARS to convince her that it was song by a man. Now she loves Wayne..in a scary wax dummy kinda way :P

  1. Travis says:

    Steven: Agreed. But with that score of 15 it seems like the judges will do their best to weed out the chaff. I can't imagine Wayne will be around beyond next week, nor should he be.

    Matt: I didn't figure him to be so uncoordinated. Not being able to dance is one thing...but he's kinda hopeless.

    Alice: Oh another meme! I'll be by soon to check it out.

    V: You are welcome Sir. I hadn't seen any news, so I was shocked by the announcement. And certainly I was pleased that not only did she advance to next week, but that she decided to continue on the show as a tribute to her mom.

    Julie: Someday when you're 83 right? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

    Meri: I'm slowly getting Vinny hooked, and I'll be I can get you too ya silly puppy!

    Katherine: No kidding eh? I'm willing to overlook it for a time. But I will get tired of it the longer he clunks his way through the dancing.

  1. So sad about Jane's mom...

    Good to see ya at The Mo Show tonight.

  1. Travis says:

    Starrlight: I like Wayne too. But sadly, he must go forth from the ballroom and dance no more.

  1. I'm coming back tomorrow to watch Miss Jane. I missed the show. I'm sooooo glad you're posting these.

  1. TopChamp says:

    hello - posted you a vid of ours. It started this week & I won't be able to blog it like you blog yours (which I love) but I thought I would give you a glimpse.

    Do they show ours over there? They show yours a year later almost.

  1. Travis says:

    Mimi: I hope you get a chance to watch Ms Jane tonight. But if not, come on back and vote for her dance in my reader's choice encores.

    TC: Excellent! I'll be by to check it out soon. I haven't seen any repeats of your show here. I used to get the BBC channel, but not anymore.