The Jeze-boy Meme

Posted: Thursday, October 04, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Dangit. I had good intentions for making blog rounds tonight. But after checking in on Mo's Urban Legends Show after I got home, I worked on the meme. And then after that I had something to eat. Then I started on rounds. But then Pam came home, and we started watching Kid Nation, and...well...I got kind of side-tracked.

Apologies y'all. I'll see ya soon.

Mimi, Queen of Memes and possesor of a dark and skeery dungeon, has tagged me for the Jezebel Meme. Here be the rules:

And now the rules for The Jezebel Meme. It's simple. Tell us your favorite dance story and pass the groovy beat to five be-bopping bloggers.

Now, according to Mr Webster, a jezebel is an impudent, shameless, or morally unrestrained woman. Uhm...well...I don't suppose I can be classified in such a way.

OK...I'll admit I can be impudent. Hehehe.

Hang on...did you hear chains rattling? Mimi said she has chains in the dungeons.

I'm doing the meme! One must stay on Her Majesty's most lovely better side. I'll just re-dub the meme Jeze-boy and proceed forthwith.

If you've spent any time around here, you know I have this harmless little obsession with dancing. I love to watch professional dancing, or celebrities dancing with professionals, or dancing kids who want to become professionals. I enjoy Broadway musicals with dancing. I'll go to the ballet to see dancing.

But as much as I enjoy watching the dancing, I love to actually dance even more.

I've been dancing since I learned how to walk. Mom taught me how to jitterbug and to do all the dances she enjoyed when she was a teen in the 1950's. And Gram taught me to lindyhop. I've always enjoyed music and dancing, and I've always been pretty good at it. But the prospect of my sister's wedding was a little unnerving.

But, I love my sister. And I love my mom. And they needed me to do this. So I took ballroom classes, and I learned how to waltz, and I danced with my sister and my mother as the man of our little family. Before the most excellent party got rocking, I made sure my new brother-in-law waltzed with my sister and my stepdad waltzed with my mother.

Popular dances are fun. Dancing in clubs is fun. Getting out on the floor and shaking your tail until you can't stand up is great. Being able to do that is pretty damn good for a guy's sex life too.

Psssssst...that's the Jeze-boy part of the meme. It seems that single bridesmaids and single friends of the bride are also impressed by a guy who can waltz. I didn't suffer at that wedding, if you understand my meaning.

But none of that dancing, or the one night stands that might result from it, compares to waltzing around the floor in the arms of the person you love.

Gently take her right hand in your left. Your right arm cradles her waist. Her left hand rests on your shoulder. Hold her close, guide her into the rise and fall. Her eyes lock on yours, her body follows yours, gliding in a pendulum swing around the room. You step lightly forward, in 3/4 time, swaying into the turn, changing directions easily. She is warm in the cirle of your arms, and the music tells the story of how much you love her.

That kind of waltz is romance...fairy tale...magic.

At my cousin's wedding last year, Pam and I had that waltz.

I don't know how else to explain how much I love her. She is everything. I would do anything for her. I would be whatever she asks. I could never have imagined that I could find what we have together.

The most perfect moment for us was that waltz.

Now, who shall I tag? Let's go with Dana, Julie, Angell, Sanni, and Sandee. You may do or not do as you like. I don't have a dungeon and I'm pretty sure Mimi can't reach you through me from Bloggingham Palace.

Well, I'm kinda sure.

Uhm...come to think of it...I'm not really sure at all.



  1. For someone who cannot for the life of her dance, I certainly understood where you were coming from. Blessings to you and Pam from another lucky person who found her soulmate...

  1. What a wonderful post, Trav. It's so refreshing to hear from someone who is still so very much in love with their significant other. I love how you recognize the truly wonderful moments.

  1. ha ha ha, don't be sure at all about our dear mimi honey!!!

    smiles, bee

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Nice stroy Trav. My favorite dance was when I did the horizontal bop with a large breasted Thai chick after we partied all night in an opium den. Cheers!!

  1. Julie says:

    Hmmm Matt? I suppose that's why he didn't tag you! Bwahahaha!

    Beautiful post dear Travis! Your words make me melt. Thanks!


    Now I need to compile my story!

    *considers options*

    Tee hee hee!!!!

  1. ahhh Travis. That was truly wonderful.

    I KNEW you would ace this...and suggested you could write mine for me...but the Queen herself forbade it....

  1. the108 says:

    I'm seriously thinking about taking ballroom and latin dance. Boy would I get skinny.

  1. I think I'll just melt into a puddle now if you don't mind.

    The video was stunning.
    Your love for Pam is equally breathtaking.


  1. P.S. You've convinced me to take those ballroom lessons now. Wonderful post.

  1. Linda says:

    What a great post, I mean that sincerely. As someone who truly believes that there is a true love for everyone (though sometimes we just can't seem to find him or her), I always just melt when I read about those who have found each other.

  1. Meribah says:

    Awwwwwwww! I love watching true love blossom! **Sighs** Now the puppy is all gooey-eyed. Thanks a lot! LOL :P

  1. Travis says:

    Gracie: I think things that are special become more special when love is involved.

    Songbird: Even the simple moments are wonderful.

    Bee: I'm keeping my eyes open!

    Matt: I'm glad I can count on you to keep the romantic theme going!

    Julie: Thank you dear! Do you need a towel to clean up the melty puddle?

    Katherine: I'm not getting on the Queen's bad side. I know you've got a good story, and I know you can tell it well.

    Kyra: Dooooooo it!

    Mimi: I'm sure Julie will share the towel. YAY for ballroom class! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Linda: I think we'll need some more towels. And maybe a mop for all the drool puddles.

  1. You made me sigh and take a deep breath. You created such a wonderful story and picture in my mind. A wonderful post for my first time back in a while! Take care of - L

  1. Travis says:

    Meri: You're welcome! I like a gooey-eyed puppy!

  1. Ambre says:

    Just wanted to thank you for visiting me. I've been out of the loop and trying to climb back in. It's slow going, but I'll be back.


  1. TopChamp says:

    aah... you're lovely. I'm very pleased for you and Pam x

    I love dancing too.. but from a musical 'look at how amazing it is that they fit to the music like this' point of view, rather than a 'look how great at dancing they are' viewpoint.

    I myself am completely unco-ordinated. My mother says it's genetic. When I went to ballet as a kid they put me singing in the final shows to stop me ruining the dances! (they didn't tell me this.. I worked it out later).

  1. Turnbaby says:

    How lovely---just what my heart and soul needed this afternoon. You are a wonderful writer and Pam is one lucky lady.


  1. Sanni says:

    Awwww... *sniff* - got tears in my eyes. Beautiful post. We are happy for you and Pam. Thanks for the tag, Trav. I really appreciate it and I´ll post asap. Frank will return Monday night. Finally. The little one is keeping me busy, missing his daddy. =)

  1. lisa says:

    you are a special person Travis, it sounds like you and Pam are both very, very lucky! ps, when will she start blogging so we can meet her? :-)

  1. Travis says:

    Lara: Welcome back!

    Ambre: You have a unique writing style and I'm anxious to read more.

    TC: I like the way you describe it..."how well they fit to the music". That's what I enjoy too, although I also appreciate expert technique.

    Turn: This was pretty much a slam dunk meme for me with a couple of my favorite subjects...Pam and dancing.

    Sanni: You have a lovely little romance going yourself. I'm looking forward to your dance story.

    Lisa: She's so busy...I don't know if she has the time to devote to a blog. But we've been thinking she might guest post here some time.

  1. Dana says:

    Hehe! I see you tagged me! It's so refreshing to meet a guy who enjoys dancing!

  1. Hi Travis. Okay, I just posted my jese-old lady tag from Mimi and Lala. I'll go add you right now. Have a great day. :)