Finding the bright side

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2007 by Travis Cody in

San Francisco's defense stepped it up and got a big sack of Eli Manning inside the 5 yard line. Then the 49ers' special teams blocked the punt out of the back of the end zone for a safety. At least 2/3 of the team is still able to compete. But the problem for the other 1/3? The SF offensive line cannot handle the Giants' defensive front four.

I'm still confident with SF head coach Mike Nolan. The defense is on track and playing pretty well. Special teams is working. The problem is offense right now. It's not just the injuries, although they do play a part. But this offense was struggling when it was healthy at the beginning of the season. Whether it's personnel or scheme, it needs a lot of work for the 49ers to take the next step.

It's not entirely Trent Dilfer's fault. But it's close. His coaching career can't start soon enough.

Both CBS and FOX finally switched to more competitive games. CBS checked to Baltimore at Buffalo while FOX went to Arizona at Washington.

What's up with Washington's special teams? They knew Arizona would try the onside kick. And there was no one on the Redskins who went to the ball to recover it. There were no Washington players within five yards of the Arizona recovery. So the Cardinals had a chance at a 55 yard field goal to win in the final seconds. The try was wide and Washington got the win.

Well, the Seahawks had an excellent opening drive for a TD. They looked sharp and crisp. They ran the ball well. The tempo was quick. A good start. Too bad it didn't last. If you checked the halftime stats, it looked like Seattle was dominating, but they were only up 10-3 at the half.

Seattle took control finally against the Rams. They ran the second half kick off back for a TD and added a field goal. SL just doesn't have enough to compete.

So with that I will close out these afternoon observations.

Later babies!


  1. Turnbaby says:

    Here's how crappy I felt today--the sinus cavity in my right cheek bone feels like someone hit me in the face.

    So I vegged out in bed most of the day--watching movies until like 2:30. I didn't even watch the start of the Martinsville race--saw the end though!! Go JImmie!!

    I saw the Cowboys muddle through--gah they can sure stink it up for a team with the record they have. Sheesh.

  1. Travis says:

    Turn: I've been fighting a bit of a cold or something for a few days. So far it hasn't taken hold yet.

  1. I caught the last of the Seahawks but was just not feeling football today. Been fighting a headache all day.

    On the plus side VH1 Classic is on and I am enjoying 2 hours of music from my youth. Desire by U2 is SUCH a great video!

  1. That Cards game made me ill. How can one team manage to find so many different ways to lose? I must admit, though - I love Kurt Warner. He's not the stud he was in STL, but I love his professionalism, his athleticism, and, most importantly, his sense of team. He's always the first one out there congratulating the good plays, regardless of whether he's the starter or the third string. He never whines about what role he's been handed (think, Hollywood Leinart).