NFL game day observations

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2007 by Travis Cody in

SF couldn't stop the Giants on the first drive. But they caught a break on a tipped pass and picked it off. Then the Giants' defense made another mistake by roughing QB Trent Dilfer. And SF gets a TD out of it. Good deal - you can only survive the mistakes you make if the other team isn't able to capitalize on them. And it doesn't matter that you dominate the stats if you don't dominate the scoreboard.

Good teams can overcome the occasional turnover, but when you have a struggling offense you simply cannot afford them. SF had some momentum, but fumbled it away and the Giants scored again.

I don't mind Sunday chores so much. Collecting the trash, picking up clutter, running the dishwasher and then putting dishes away, getting laundry started...all these things can be done one at a time during commercials! So we can enjoy the games without feeling like we're neglecting stuff around the house.

And another turnover. Dammit! This time Dilfer makes a bad read and gets picked off. The Giants only got a field goal out of it, which is a small victory for the SF defense.

New England is up 35-7 with more than six minutes left in the first half. Tom Brady has already thrown four more TD passes. It's just too easy for the Patriots right now. I don't want to take anything away from the start NE has had, but the combined record of their opponents so far is 14-26. The Patriots have beaten the Jets (1-5), the Chargers (3-3), the Bills (1-4), the Bengals (1-4), the Browns (3-3), the Cowboys (5-1), and they are playing the Dolphins (0-6) today. Now I'm aware that they have destroyed these teams by a combined score of 265 to 99. So I guess it can be said that NE is an excellent team doing what it should do to vastly inferior competition, and taking care of business against the only winning team it has played thus far.

So how about Indianapolis? By the standards the Patriots have set, are the 5-0 Colts even in the same sentence right now? Let's see. The combined record of Indy's opponents thus far is 17-15, which includes Jacksonville for Monday night. The Colts have beaten the Saints (1-4), the Titans (3-2), the Texans (3-3), the Broncos (2-3), the Bucs (4-2), with the 4-1 Jaguars coming up. The combined score of the games played is 164-88.

So what does it mean? It means that if you have players on your fantasy team from NE or Indy, you're in pretty good shape. We might know who is the better team at a point in time when they play at Indy on Nov 4. But I think these two are the class of the NFL right now.

Well, neither of our morning games is competitive. Tom Brady is having a career day against Miami, and the Giants have taken control against SF. So I guess we'll make some lunch.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Not only do we like Taylor Hicks, but I love NFL football and sorry to say I am a Colts fan first (I'm from Indiana, now in Phoenix) and Bears second.

  1. Alison says:

    I LOVE Taylor!!! I knew he was going to win Idol the first time I heard him. He's got the voice, the personality, everything. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  1. Travis says:

    Sylvia: Don't apologize. I enjoy the Colts as well.

    Alison: We definitely agree on Taylor.

  1. Okay, do you find it as odd as I do that this Sylvia is originally from Indiana and now resides in Phoenix? [[cue "Twilight Zone" music...]]