Finding the fun despite the flames

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I just checked the news and saw that a million people are evacuating ahead of the out of control fires in southern California. It's the biggest evacuation in the history of California, reaching from north of Los Angeles to the US-Mexican border. San Diego Fire Capt. Kirk Humphries said, “We can save some stuff but we can’t stop it.”

The fire is being whipped by fierce Santa Ana winds, and it's so big that it is creating its own wind as it roars on its way. The fire is raging over 600 square miles and has destroyed more than 1300 homes, with another 68,000 threatened. Officials say there is nothing to be done until the winds die down, which they don't expect to happen for another day at least.

So far only one person is known to have died. At least 16 fire fighters have been injured in the effort to protect homes.

Please spare a few thoughts for the fire fighters, medical and support crews, police, and other emergency responders, as well as the people who have lost property and homes.

There was some sizzle and some fizzle on Latin night. As Turnbaby would say, there were a few performances that made us all squelchy.

Thanks to those who voted for encores. It looks like we're good for four again.

First up, we have Turn's choice of Rumba from Helio and Julianne. The judges thought Helio had his scary face, but we thought the dance was one of the sizzlers.

Julie selects Mel and Maks and their smoking Samba.

Vinny and I must have another dose of Ms Jane. This is one sexy lady y'all.

The big vote getter was Cameron and Edyta. Julie, Turn, Angell, and my dear Pam evidently agree that Cameron is yummy. Me and Vinny are looking for another dose of Edyta's legs.


Let's cue that music now!

Here's a reminder of the leader board from Monday night.

29 Mel
28 Sabrina
26 Ms Jane
26 Cameron
25 Jennie
23 Helio
21 Marie
21 Mark

The judges select Mel and Maks for the encore.

Jennifer Lopez is in the ballroom y'all. Boots...oh the! See the boots? I'm all wobbly now...uhm...THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP.

Sabrina and Mark are safe, as are Mel and Maks.

HA! Helio says he's a race car driver and they only go one direction...left!

Christian Perry and his dancers rock the ballroom. It's a bit of a manic lindy hop to new wave music. Very interesting. Perry is putting together a group dance for the remaining seven pairs for next week's performance show. I hope it's not a manic lindy hop.

Jennifer Lopez returns to perform Let's Get Loud. Oh my. The ladies are chair dancing. We like Latin week. If anyone needs me, I'll just be over here in my drool puddle. J-Lo flames the ballroom.

Cameron and Edyta advance with Jennie and Derek. Marie and Jonathan will be back next week with Helio and Julianne.

Mark and Kym are in the bottom two. Ms Jane and Tony in the bottom two????


Breathing again as Mark and Kym go home.

And now the competition is on. Next week is a brand new dance that the pairs have never done before, plus a special group dance that is for fan votes only.

Remember you can vote for your choice of encore after the performance show.

Here's a bonus. This is the piece choreographed by Wade Robson from last week's results show. If you're not familiar with Wade, he is the man behind the curtain that you see first.


  1. Great acknowledgement of our devastation. My bro says he feels as though he's in Pompei from all the smoke and ash falling at his house.
    I just heard that there's a new fire in Camp Pendleton, of all places! It's where my grandson is in boot camp. What next???
    My hubman is following the dincing and loves it. Me? Well, I watch "NCIS" and "The Unit." I'm glad you guys enjoy it...

  1. Uh, how about "dancing..." I on meds for a stinkin' migraine and it's no telling how many mistakes I'm making...

  1. the evacuation took its toll on four people...three over 90 years old. My ex (who had his work evac-ed and his kids school closed) said there is a great deal of talk about the Nat'l Guard equipment and manpower usually there being deployed in Iraq.

    Yes Jane is stunning. Mark and Kym had to go. And J-Lo's boots...are made for...walking?

  1. Bond says:

    Watching the pictures as I was doing the Radio Happy Hour, I was shocked that Ms. Jane and Tony were in the bottom two...guess I will be bringing out my dialing finger next week...

    OH MY the encores...

    I also spoke of the devastation .. and that some of it has been generated by humans just disgusts me.

  1. I heard today that the winds have started dying down so I hope they'll be able to get those horrible fires under control.

  1. I wanna see the boots! Thanks for the recap. Latin it.

  1. Travis says:

    Gracie: I did hear today that the winds are expected to die down tonight. That should help some.

    Katherine: I read this morning that the Governator has been a tremendous presence down there.

    V: It was shocking to see Ms Jane in trouble. I never would have suspected that she was in trouble.

    Charles: I read that today too.

    Mimi: Those boots...the thought gets me wobbly again.