Saturday game day observations

Posted: Saturday, October 13, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Just saw this commercial today. Heehee!

Jeep Liberty has some good ones these days to go with an excellent vehicle.

Kentucky has upset #1 LSU 43-37 in overtime. For the second week in a row, the top tanked team in the polls has gone down. At the end I thought that Rich Brooks had screwed his team's chance by not moving QB Andre Woodson in the pocket - he had to anticipate that rush coming up the middle. But they were able to kick the field goal to tie. Then they took the ball and scored a go ahead TD. They missed the 2pt conversion, but the defense stepped up on LSU's possession and stopped them short on a 4th and 2.

#3 Ohio State took care of their business today, mauling Kent State 48-3. The Buckeyes should move up in the rankings to #1, as Cal stumbled against Oregon State. OSU controls its own destiny to play in the BCS National Championship game in Louisiana.

#4 Boston College should slide into the #2 spot after beating Notre Dame today, and with Cal's loss. The Irish put up a good fight, but after scoring a couple of TDs to pull within 20-14, they got caught up in being college kids and over-celebrated. The penalty was for kids coming off the bench to pile on in the end zone, and that's 15 yards assessed on the kick off. That play gave BC excellent field position, and it didn't take them long to march down the field for the TD to put the game out of reach.

Oregon was all over Washington State today. The Ducks will be in Seattle next weekend to play Washington. Then a week later they'll host USC as the jockeying for post season bowl games begins. USC hung on to beat Arizona today. With Cal's loss, the Pac 10 title and a trip to the Rose Bowl is up for grabs between several teams.

I think some coaches just lose their minds sometimes in the idea of proving their team's toughness. I get that, but it seems to me you should do that by utilizing the correct strength of your team. Cal had four shots at the end zone from about the 2 yard line and tried to power the ball up the middle. Well, that appears to be the strength of the Oregon State defense, and the Beavers kept Cal out of the end zone. Cal's strength is in its speed. I admit I yelled at the TV to run the ball outside. When you have the kind of speed Cal does, you use it on the edges to beat the defense. And Cal finally did that on their next drive to get a score and retake the lead in the game.

It's real easy for me or anyone to sit back and yell at the kid to throw the ball away. Red shirt freshman QB Kevin Riley was set to bring Cal back from 10 points down to send the game to OT. With :14 left on the clock, he tried to make a play for his team and was tackled in bounds. The clock ran out and Oregon State celebrates an upset of the #2 team in the nation. It's a tough lesson for a young player to learn. Sometimes the best play is to give up. You get one quick look into the end zone. If you don't see it, throw the ball away. Then get your kicker on the field for a try to tie the game. Get it into OT and take your chances there. But give yourself the chance.

So now figure Ohio State to move into the #1 spot, with Boston College at #2. It will be interesting to see how the BCS formula works out the top spots, but of the remaining undefeated teams, OSU and BC appear to be the best.

OK gang - time to focus on the Huskies. See you tomorrow for Sunday Sports Day.


  1. cathy says:

    football, I see no football.

  1. Turnbaby says:


    GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!

    Thanks Trav!!!

  1. Julie says:

    OH LMOO @ that commercial! And thanks for putting the OSU logo up!

  1. Travis says:

    Cathy: Wasn't that commercial great?

    Turn: Still doing the victory dance!

    Julie: You are most welcome. I've been following the #1 team all season and that should be OSU now.