Into the semi finals

Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Sorry gang. I got caught up in a television program on National Geographic last night and so I didn't get through my rounds. That's right...I'm behind on blog visits again. I'll catch up through the week.

There was some big time wind out here on Monday. It had mostly died down here on the east side by early afternoon. I told Desert Songbird that everything was fine around my place. But when I got home tonight I looked out the library window and saw that a tree had fallen back across the fence behind our building!

We're still fine. The tree was one of the smaller ones that should have been removed after the big wind storms from last season. And it fell away from the building.

Cue that theme music! It's time for results.

YAY for encore votes! And thank you! We had lots of votes so we're rolling out the video gang! And I found all the clips this time.

TopChamp wants the most excellent Mambo from Mel & Maks. This was hot.

Vinny wants to see the Jive from Jennie & Derek.

Vinny also asked for the Jive from Marie & Jonathan. I liked that one too. It may not have been the best Jive, but it was fun.

Here's how the couples stand after Monday night:

57 Helio
56 Mel
51 Cameron
50 Jennie
49 Marie

Now the judges have decided they want to see the Quickstep from Helio and Julianne, calling it the best of five seasons worth of Quickstep. This got votes from Marsha, Julie, Turn, Pam, and me!

Gloria Estefan is in the ballroom! Wooooooooooooooooooo!! She got out on the floor and shook a little tail with her dancers. Hey Vinny! She had fantastic shoes!

Dancing with the Stars has been nominated for a Peoples' Choice award.

And now we find out that Marie and Jonathan will compete next week in the semi finals!!!!! Can I get a WOOOOOOOO and a WTF???????

Yeah I voted for Marie, but I really didn't expect that she would make it through. This proves the power of the fanbase. Right or wrong, peeps are enjoying Marie and picking up the phone for her.

Here's her Rumba with Jonathan last night, which I was actually saving to post at the end of this recap when she was eliminated. Heehee!

Of course, as happy as I am for Marie - and no I will NOT apologize for voting for Marie, so don't even ask - I'm a little worried for Jennie. If the soap opera fanbase got out the vote for Cameron, Jennie could be in trouble.

Fatima Robinson dances on tv for the first time in six years. We don't know the name, but she is an award winning music video director and choreographer. We enjoyed the performance.

Gloria Estefan returns to perform Conga while the pros Cha Cha Cha. Now this is Cha Cha Cha music y'all!! Woooooooooooooooooooo!! Excellent!

So who advances next? It's Helio and Julianne. Mel and Maks are safe. Jennie and Derek are the fourth to advance.

Which means Cameron and Edyta are out. Here is the Harry Potter Viennese Waltz as requested by TopChamp. We will miss sexy Edyta.

In the semi finals next Monday, the couples choose which Ballroom and which Latin dance they want to repeat. This is about strategy. Do they go with something that they performed well the first time? Or do they take something they didn't do well and bring what they've learned to it to improve it?

OK gang. My shoulder is still bothering me, but at least my back is better. So I'm off for more heating pad therapy.

Later babies!

Oh I almost forgot! Check out The Mo Show this evening on Blog Talk Radio at 7pm EST. Mo's special guest is Chef Mags and the topic is holiday hosting tips.


  1. I don't even watch this show and I am amazed at the amount of work you put into this!!! My hubman loves it but I'm sure he'll miss the sexy one voted out tonight.
    You deserve an award for your hard work! And I'm so glad the tree blew away from your building!!!
    (I wish you liked "The Amazing Race"!)

  1. Matt-Man says:

    You know what I want to see? A return to a little more sophisticated TV programming such as new episodes of Wife Swap. Cheers!!

  1. Mo says:

    Cameron out. Gays across America sob uncontrollably.

    Thanks for the Mo Show promo!

  1. Bond says:

    dang radio show is interfering with the results show....I sort of watch, but not enough, cause I missed Gloria's shoes!

    Glad Marie and Jennie made it through....

    So, this means no more shirts open to the belly button huh?

  1. Jay says:

    Who needs tv when we have you?

  1. TopChamp says:

    ok - that's officially the worst version of Happy Potter that I have EVER heard and that includes the mini French horn pupils of mine who are real beginners.


  1. TopChamp says:

    thanks for the clips though.. x

  1. Linda says:

    Okay, exactly how long does it take for you to put one of these posts together with all of the clips and links and everything else?? It took me what seemed like forever to do my TSO Concert Wrap-Up post last night and that was nowhere near as complicated as this one! No wonder your shoulder hurts! Great, great job!

  1. Jeff B says:

    The amount of work you put into thse posts makes me wish I liked the show. Just isn't my thing though. If they ever have guest judges, I think you'd be a shoe-in.

  1. Travis says:

    Gracie: I enjoy doing the recaps. I do most of the writing during the show and then do edits before I publish. It's fun.

    Matt: Now there's a thought! Cheers my good man.

    Mo: But there's still Maks.

    V: You missed the shoes??? As I told Mo, there's still Maks for the shirts open to the belly button.

    Jay: Awwww shucks.

    TC: Hehehehehehe! You're welcome for the clips dear.

    Linda: It depends on how long it takes to find the video clips. Otherwise everything is written during the show. I do a running commentary as things happen. That's why the tenses sometimes get a little mixed up. Thanks! It's fun.

    Jeff: This show and So You Think You Can Dance are my favorites of the reality entertainment genre.

  1. Pauline says:

    Great clips, thanks Trav!

  1. Great post, and thanks for all of the dance clips! :)

    The Mo Show was great tonight. Good to see you there.

  1. Travis says:

    Pauline: You're welcome!

    CWM: I wish I could have gotten home sooner to hear more live and to chat more.

  1. Hey Trav, just dropping in to say hello!

    We had the big wind storm here as well and the power (and internet of course) was out for 11 hours... yuck - I just want to see blue skies.

    Take care :)