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Posted: Thursday, November 08, 2007 by Travis Cody in

There are some bloggers out there with some words to say about Peace. And y'all know who you are. I visited so many wonderful blogs and saw so many excellent Peace Globes and read so many inspiring words about Peace.

Thanks to Mimi for providing the momentum for Dona Nobis Pacem. From one little blue marble has come a movement. I'm proud to have been a part of it.

And now, here is my delayed Dancing with the Stars results post.

Marie Osmond's father, George, passed on Tuesday. He was 90. Marie said after her Quickstep that the dance was dedicated to her mom and dad. They do tell us that after the vote, Marie and Jonathan will return next week.

Here's a reminder of the leader board:

54 Mel
53 Jennie
52 Marie
52 Helio
51 Cameron
50 Ms Jane

The judges select the Paso Doble from Mel and Maks as their encore choice.

LeeAnn Rimes is in the ballroom. She performs How Do I Live. I have always preferred Trisha Yearwood's version of this song.

And now we find out that Cameron and Edyta will return next week.

The Rock Steady Crew originated in The Bronx in 1977, and is credited with popularizing the "B-boy" or break dancing style of dance. They put on a show that was full of joy and fun.

LeeAnn Rimes returns with Nothing Better To Do, which is obviously the name of her song and a ridiculous pun. But what ya gonna do? I will say that she has some very long legs. Hey Matt!! It's Cheryl dancing with the other pros! And she's wearing very short boots...oh...THUMP THUMP THUMP!

Mel and Maks are safe, along with Helio and Julianne.

Jennie and Derek will also return, which means Ms Jane and Tony are going home.


This was the right decision. But we'll miss Ms Jane. Here is the wonderful Tango she and Tony danced in week 3, dedicated to her mother who had just passed.

Thank you Ms Jane Seymour.


  1. yes...sad to see Miz Jane leave...but probably the right choice...

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Oh dear God...Cheryl in boots. I think it just moved. And it's only 615 AM. Yum-Oh!! Bless you.

  1. God - Matty!

    Sorry, Trav, that Miss Jane is leaving. I know how much you enjoyed her dancing, even if you were honest about her efforts versus those of the others.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.

  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: Probably.

    Matt: Yup. I didn't find the video clip, but I'll keep searching.

  1. I have not gotten in to this for this season, sadly!

    Thanks for coming by my blog...I enjoyed your piece about peace too. :)

    Using My Words

  1. Queenie says:

    What a wonderful Peace Globe Travis, peace to you and yours.

    We get the show after you, so now I will know the results thanks..

  1. Turnbaby says:

    LOL at Matty!!

    Sorry to see Miss Jane leave but I think it was her time.

    thanks for the results!

  1. It was a wonderful day too Travis. Mimi did very well indeed. It will be even bigger next June. :)

  1. Bond says:

    I will miss Ms. Jane...but she was not keeping up unfortunately...well, there are still other shoes and ankles and calves to look at...

    WHAT? oh they dance on that show? did not notice heheheheheheeeee

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: Well, I think Ms Jane dances like we all would like to.

    Julie: There's still time.

    Queenie: Thanks. Even knowing the results, you can still enjoy the dances.

    Turn: It was her time, but I'll still miss her.

    V: And boots. Don't forget the boots.

  1. lisa says:

    Hi Trav, I always liked Trisha Yearwoods version too. Thanks for all the great video. Marie was fun to watch.

  1. Oh my gosh. They're all dancing out of the box! Just like us!

  1. Travis says:

    Lisa: Welcome back!

    Kimo & Sabe: And to you.

    Mimi: Yeppers!

  1. cathy says:

    Another highly entertaining post.
    I'm sorry to see Jane go too, I liked her Tango and the fact that she used the "Naked Tango" theme for her costume.

  1. Julie says:

    Bummer about Jane...but that clip of Mel and Maks! Yaahooooo!!! I need to figure out this dang tivo apparatus!

  1. Travis says:

    Cathy: You caught that too? I'll miss her class and elegance.

    Julie: I put the clip of Mel and Maks up just for you!