Found it!

Posted: Friday, December 28, 2007 by Travis Cody in

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a Manic Monday post about an ornament I remembered from my childhood.

I suspected that my mom had the ornament, but I was afraid my sister or my aunt might have it. One of the first things I did when I got to Mom's on Christmas Eve was check the tree. And guess what I found...

That's the little wind chime ornament I remember.

I was going to ask if I could have it. But during the conversation, I realized that right now it's very important for Mom to keep it. So one day I'll get it for my own tree.

It surprises me sometimes...shocks me...these seemingly small things that impact me so many years later. I got a taste of that kind of nostalgia last week when we were going through boxes of stuff. Little jolts of memory would hit, and I would realize what kept me from going through them for so long.

Remembering the past is fun. But there are also some darker things to face as well.

And now it's all in plastic; carefully organized so that when I open one box I'll find the football memories. The second box will have childhood memories. The third box will have other memories.

It's just stuff. Stuff that makes up a life. My life.


  1. Anndi says:

    Thank you for sharing it honey... It's in a safe place with Mom.

    I've found that no matter if how try and organize memories.. they come back as they fancy. Sometimes at a good time, other times not so much.

    Missed you, glad you got home safely bro!

    Silly really, but now my Christmas is complete... SMOOCH

    Hi Pam! **hugs**

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Well written post Travis. Glad you found the ornament. Cheers my good man.

  1. good find my friend, best wishes for the new year.

  1. Mags says:

    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about...

  1. the teach says:

    What a lovely thought essay, Travis! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Oh, and Happy New Year!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Memories are so important, I'm happy you found the ornament. :0

  1. we all have some dark things in there honey. eat some cake and forget it!

    smiles, bee

  1. Linda says:

    So glad that you found the ornament and I'm sure that someday you'll have it to hang on your own tree and each time you do, memories will come flooding back that you thought had been packed away forever.

    You know what really gets me is that there are so many things that I have forgotten that I never ever thought that I would. I'll come across something that then triggers that long forgotten memory and wonder how it was that I ever forget about that. Maybe my life has too much stuff?

  1. Oh I'm so glad you found it! Now you have something to look forward to each year when visiting with mom!

  1. Jeff B says:

    If we were to look at other people's boxes of momentos they would probably just look like interseting little trinkets. To the owner of them however, they as you said, 'make up a life'.

    Glad you found the ornament and hope it finds its way to your box of life when appropriate.

  1. Love the ornament Travis. Yep, we do remember the weirdest this sometimes. I love how you have your memories in catagories. Have a great day my friend. :)

  1. Travis says:

    Ann: Not only do they come back as they want, but one tends to lead to another and then another. Hugs.

    Matt: Thank you Sir.

    Sarge: And to you Sir.

    Mags: I'm looking forward to going through everything, but I'm in no know?

    Teach: Right back atcha!

    Akelamalu: Me too!

    Bee: Now that's some excellent advice!

    Linda: I know what you mean about forgetting stuff. But I don't think a life can ever have too much stuff.

    Lois: Exactly!

    Jeff: You know, that's exactly how it's going to be when I start really going through things. Because Pam will be there...and the things will be trinkets to her until the stories start to come out about them.

    Sandee: Sorting them that way was the best way I could think of to keep the projects organized. And to approach the memories as carefully as I could.

  1. I've begun to find myself waxing more nostalgic in the last couple of years as well, although I always considered myself as having not a nostalgic bone in my body.

    Aging, I guess.

  1. little things that bring up big memories...important is about who we are...all the stuff from the past that makes up who we are becoming.

    oh yeah.

  1. Jeni says:

    Isn't that just the truth - it is just stuff, but it is the "stuff" our lives are made of and that hold so many things for us too -good memories as well as painful -all there till we want to or are able to handle each type. By the way, it is a beautiful ornament too!

  1. tegdirb92 says:

    wow, that is so cool!! I am so happy that you found it after all of these years. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  1. Sometimes stuff is just stuff. Other times stuff = memories. Knowing the difference is the key.

  1. Jamie says:

    It is a lovely little ornament and one I'm sure you will enjoy whether it is with you mom or eventually on your tree.

    It is amazing how memories can sneak up on you with a bit of music from the radio, a bit of deja vu in a department store, a joke that hits a little too close to home, or a photograph you haven't seen in a long, long time.

    Nothing important - just a life.

  1. Dad Stuff says:

    Ornament sure do hold special memories. My mom still hangs a popcicle stick/peanut nativity my sister made in Sunday school. One year Dad ate the Joseph peanut, but somehow the ornament still makes it on the tree every year.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    I'm so glad you found it--put your claim in early.

  1. Travis says:

    Charles: This was a year of memories coming back fast and hard for me. I guess that means I'm ready to look at this stuff.

    Katherine: Yup.

    Jeni: Well said.

    Bridget: It was a great holiday, made even better with this ornament.

    Songbird: You are correct my dear.

    Jamie: Exactly.

    Dad Stuff: You just never know what little thing is going to become someone's special thing.

    Turn: It's in.

  1. TopChamp says:

    I'm glad to see the ornament. I read your post and pictured it for myself so it's nice to see the real item.

    Hope you had a good holiday. I'm avoiding sorting through stuff just now. You seem quite an organised type of man...?

  1. Julie says:

    I thought I commented here....this is so cool! I'm happy for you and you know that it will be yours sometime!