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Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! No, that's not a typo. That's what I call Dec 23. It fits, don't you think?

Two more shopping days...are you done?

So we woke up this morning to a crash and a thump and a snarl, then gallops down the hallway. Evidently, Mr Tucker was having a war with my shoes that I left out last night. He seems very proud of himself that he prevented this intruder from getting into the bedroom. We're playing along and showering him with praise.

The shoes have been imprisoned once again in the closet.

Such a goofy kitty!

Well, today is the penultimate gameday for the 2007 football season. Let's see what's in store for my teams, shall we?

My Raiders have another tough one at Jacksonville. The Jaguars should have one of the two wild card spots secured, but another win today would just about guarantee the 5 spot. I'm about as happy as I can be with my Raiders. They have been competitive all season and have doubled last year's wins from 2 to 4. The only real criticism I have of first year head coach Lane Kiffin is that I want him to just hand the ball to JeMarcus Russell and let the kid play. At 4-10, the Raiders are looking to next year, and it's time to get the kid consistent playing time. I understand wanting to protect him against playoff bound teams, but the experience he gets this year puts him that much further ahead for next season. Coach Kiffin explains that winning games is important and that he's trying to put the players on the field that give the team the best chance to win. I guess right now that means starting Josh McCown, even with the injured hand, and bringing Russell off the bench.

The 49ers host NFC South champ Tampa Bay. SF got a big win last week behind QB Shaun Hill, who came out of nowhere to throw for 197 yards on 21 of 28 with a TD. Hill should get the start again today. SF has all kinds of problems to address in the off season and the major issue is QB. Alex Smith was the top choice in 2004, but he's never had a strong arm and the shoulder injury this season makes his status even more questionable. With his progress derailed due to that injury, his rehab will be important. It will also be interesting to see if Coach Mike Nolan is still 100% sold on Smith after the issues they have had over the injury. But one good game doesn't make Hill the guy either.

If the Seahawk's hadn't already won the NFC West, I would have some concerns about this game. The Ravens come to Seattle on a huge skid, losing 8 in a row including the heart-breaker against New England and the embarrassing loss to Miami last week. Baltimore seems like a team that is just going through the motions, and in my mind that makes them dangerous. Should they wake up, the defense can create all kinds of trouble for a playoff bound team. Seattle needs to be aware. It helps that the Seahawks are at home, where they have played their best football this season.

The Colts have clinched the AFC South, the 2 seed in the playoffs, and a first round bye. They host Houston today in what amounts to a meaningless game, but I expect them to play this as a normal game to keep in rhythm. The ultimate goal is to get back to the Super Bowl, and to do that a team needs to stay sharp. Although Houston has been eliminated from the playoffs, the Texans are in the midst of a breakout season.

Well, my Raiders are on CBS this morning. But it's snowing in Chicago where Green Bay is playing the Bears! I love to watch a snow game.

I had another good week for picks last week, 11-5. That puts me at 148-76 for the season, for 66%.

Week 1 = 12-4
Week 2 = 11-5
Week 3 = 10-6
Week 4 = 8-6
Week 5 = 9-5
Week 6 = 7-6
Week 7 = 10-4
Week 8 = 10-3
Week 9 = 9-5
Week 10 = 7-7
Week 11 = 10-6
Week 12 = 12-4
Week 13 = 8-8
Week 14 = 14-2
Week 15 = 11-5

Here we go for this week.

Steelers over Rams - got that one
Cowboys over Panthers - got that one too
Browns over Bengals
Lions over Chiefs
Colts over Texans
Packers over Bears
Giants over Bills
Jaguars over Raiders
Saints over Eagles
Bucs over 49ers
Cardinals over Falcons
Patriots over Dolphins
Seahawks over Ravens
Titans over Jets
Vikings over Redskins
Chargers over Broncos

Later babies!


  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at week 16. It's always soooo....odd.

  1. the teach says:

    Sorry, Travis, but you just are way, way ahead of me with this football stuff...I'm real sorry the Giants didn't win last night but it was a good game! But I have to say watching the Giants just hasn't been the same since Tiki left...:(

    I've done my predictions for 2008, you might have a laugh if you visit: Work of the Poet