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Posted: Monday, January 28, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to another Manic Monday with Morgen, which also happens to be my 500th post. YAY me!

I almost missed this momentus event because I have several draft posts in the queue, and they messed up my count. But this is post number 500. Thanks to all for your support.

Now as it is Manic Monday, don't forget to cruise by MM HQ at It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Today's theme is Wish.

Once upon a time there lived a lovely little princess named Snow White. Her vain and wicked stepmother the Queen feared that some day Snow White's beauty would surpass her own. So she dressed the little Princess in rags and forced her to work as a Scullery Maid. Each day the vain Queen consulted her Magic Mirror, 'Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?' and as long as the Mirror answered, 'You are the fairest one of all,' Snow White was safe from the Queen's cruel jealousy.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full length animated feature released by Walt Disney in 1937. The American Film Institute listed it as one of only two animated features on the list of 100 greatest American films of all time in 1997. In 2007, Snow White was the only animated feature on the list.

The film is at once frightening and charming. In typical Disney fashion, dark and terrifying events transpire before love comes to the rescue and everyone lives happily ever after.

The film is a musical, featuring I'm Wishing/One Song.

Awww shucks y'all.

All the usual Disney themes are in this film...hope, romance, bravery, determination, and the strength of love to overcome the most cruel evil.

To me, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tells a pretty important lesson. We learn that wishes don't simply come true. A wish frames a desire. But desire alone cannot make the wish happen. We'll meet obstacles to our desire. If we are strong, and if we believe, and if we meet difficult tasks with a determination to overcome, then perhaps we can make our wishes into realities.

That's some pretty heavy duty stuff for a kids' movie. But then I've never thought of Disney films as only for kids.


  1. Bond says:

    HAPPY 500 TRAVIS....

    I wish you 500 more my friend...

  1. Bond says:

    OH, and I tend to agree with you regarding the Disney films of yore...they were brilliant in their lessons told, and could be understood by children, while being sophisticated enough for an adult.

    I do remember watching the videos with Matt when he was young and seeing things I had not seen when I watched them as a child...

    And your interpretation of this movie We learn that wishes don't simply come true. A wish frames a desire. But desire alone cannot make the wish happen. We'll meet obstacles to our desire. If we are strong, and if we believe, and if we meet difficult tasks with a determination to overcome, then perhaps we can make our wishes into realities. a wonderful view lesson for us all to remember...Thanks again for your wise words...

    THIS is why your "Thoughts" are so important to so many

  1. Gattina says:

    Oh my ! that brings up souvenirs ! I have seen this movie when I was about 8 or 9 ! and that wasn't yesterday, lol !

  1. Jamie says:

    "I'm Wishing", "When You Wish Upon A Star", "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" ... Disney usually had a wish song that led to happily ever after. Good take on the subject. I did what happens afterwards.

  1. tegdirb92 says:

    that is one of my favorite "wish" songs! A true classic. Have a great Monday, Travis.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Happy 500th my good man. Cheers and keep up the good work!!

  1. Sanni says:

    Happy 500th, Travis - keep on rocking the Blogosphere!

    I loved the Cinderella-movie when I was a little one... I haven´t wathed it for ages. And I confess I haven´t listened to the original songs of Cinderella, just the German translation. I have to rent the original asap!

  1. Congrats on 500 posts, Travis.


  1. 1 2 3 Make a wish!

    Nice Monday Wish post!
    I wish could lose this weight!
    Come see which one of my wishes came true!

  1. Jeni says:

    Boy, did that clip bring back memories to me Trav! When I was a kid we had a movie theatre here in the village and I remember going there to see that movie -that was back around 1950 or 1951! Loved the movie at any rate!

  1. whew, 500 posts? You da man.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Congratulations on post No. 500. I'm a couple of light years away from that number.

    Yes, Disney was always a master of understanding that parents were also in his audience and they could benefit from and reinforce the messages being taught to the kids.
    The older stuff was among the best, Snow White, Bambi, and Peter Pan.
    I did like what Pixar did with Cars though. While it was an animated version of Doc Hollywood, the message was very good.

  1. angell says:

    Five hundred - wooooooooo!!

    I know I've been lax in commenting, but I HAVE been reading. Love your posts and insightfulness.

    And I agree with Bond - you sum up that movie quite nicely. And with honesty.

    Here's to 500 more *pops the champagne*

    Now, who's up for some bubbly?

  1. of course disney is for everyone! yay!

    smiles, bee

  1. Jeff B says:

    Very thoughtful words at the end of your post. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring others through your many posts and comments.

    Wishing you well for the next 500.

    Nicely done good man!

  1. the108 says:

    Happy 500th!!

    Snow White is excellent and insanely creepy at the same time. It scared the shit out of me when I was a kid!

  1. Mo says:

    Happy 500 Travis!
    Whooo hooo!
    What is it I'm supposed to do - throw flaming walnuts into the air for you?

    A dream is a wish your heart makes,

  1. the teach says:

    Forgot about this Disney song in "Snow White," Travis. Thanks for the video. I liked it! :)

  1. the teach says:

    Oh and I forgot, Travis, happy 500th post!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    WOW 500 posts Congratulations!

  1. 500 is a big land mark Trev, congrats. Damn, I saw that grilled cheese again and now I want one.

  1. Very well done Travis. I love it and didn't even think of this. Very well done and happy 500th. Big hug and have a great MM. :)

  1. Congrats on the 500! *high 5*

  1. Happy 500, Travis. Here's to another 500.

    Oh, and just FYI - I detest that little girls still think that "some day their prince will come." Gimme a break!

  1. JAM says:

    Congrats on 500 Travis. I never notice my count until too late, so extra cudos for even noticing it!

  1. Mags says:

    Yay for 500!!!!! WAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    I love SWATSD. It's a fantastic movie and I agree with you on the lessons learned.

  1. Travis says:

    V: Thanks. I appreciate that Disney used these themes in the films, but the lessons always needed to be followed up by seeing the practical application every day.

    Gattina: Glad you enjoyed.

    Jamie: What happens after...the wish is just the first step isn't it?

    Bridget: You too!

    Matt: Thank you Sir! I shall.

    Sanni: You'll be getting those Disney films out again shortly for little Luis and Hamster 2.0.

    Ian: Thanks Ian.

    Monkeys: Stick with your program!

    Jeni: I've seen most of my Disney movies on TV.

    Charles: Who me?

    Drilleraa: I agree that the early Disney movies were best.

    Angell: Thanks darlin! You may lurk at my place any time.

    Bee: Yes it is!

  1. Travis says:

    Jeff: Thank you Sir.

    Kyra: Insanely creepy...good description.

    Mo: Perfect! Flaming walnuts are exactly the right thing for a celebratory toss.

    Teach: It was the first one that came to my mind.

    Akelamalu: I'm kind of impressed with myself.

    Sarge: I was thinking about having that for dinner again too.

    Sandee: There were a couple of other thoughts I had, but this was the best one for me today.

    Lana: Right back atcha!

    Songbird: It's a nice fantasy, but parents aren't raising many princes anymore.

    Jam: I almost missed this one too.

    Mags: I wonder if I should have done a little victory jig? LOL!

  1. Happy 500 Trav!

    As for Disney, I have long harbored a suspicion that old Walt was a sadist at heart. Bambi has probably scarred more children then all the divorces combined!

  1. This is a great post, Trav. Snow White doesn't look a day older now than she did when I was a kid. How does she do that?

  1. Woofenderful quotes, Travis. Purrrfect fur todays word.

    Reba's Run in now co-authored. We thank you for stopping by today. Do they have Scooby Snacks for cats?

  1. TopChamp says:

    hello - thought I had commented on this but it seems not. Congratulations on your 500th post!

  1. Anndi says:

    Happy Bloggaversary Bro!

    *throws flaming walnuts and confetti and does a happy 500th dance with a high leg kick and a pirouette*

    Chicklet and I went to a Disney exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and it was glorious. The levels of inspiration the animators and artists used was astounding!

    Dad took me to see Snow White and The Seven Dwarves in the movie theater, one of our Saturday movie dates we got to go to all by ourselves and it scared me. But at the same time, it, like so many other Disney tales planted seeds in my young mind.

    Wishes and dreams are precious, but it's what you do to make them come true that counts.

    Love you bro...

    Thank you for posting this.

  1. Roger says:

    Congrats on your 500 post Travis! Looking forward to the next 5000 my friend!

  1. Linda says:

    What a marvelous 500th post! So very well written and a very good message indeed!

    May all the wishes that your heart makes become realities!

  1. Pauline says:

    And you don't look a day over 499!
    Congrats on being 500 posts old!

  1. Dana says:

    WOO! HAPPY 500!

    For my money, I like Beauty and the Beast much more but then again, I identify more with the Beast :P

  1. lisa says:

    happy 500th Travis! Did you see Enchanted? Much better than I anticipated and the characters (for the most part) well done.

  1. Julie says:

    Where would we be without wishes?

    Great thought my friend.