Giants vs Patriots, quarter the 1st

Posted: Sunday, February 03, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Let the analysis begin.

The Giants call tails and it comes up tails. The Giants will receive. Is it a good thing for Eli Manning to take the field first? I say, why wait? Let's get on the field and see what it's gonna be.

The Giants begin from the 23 yard line. Two runs net them 4 yards, and then Manning completes a pass to Plaxico Burris for the initial first down of the day. Manning stood strong in the pocket, had plenty of time, and completed a pretty easy throw on the slant.

The Audi commercial was clever, playing on the infamous horse head scene from The Godfather.

NY begins with a balance in the first 6 plays, with 3 runs from Brandon Jacobs and 3 of 3 passing for Manning, taking them across midfield. Then we get 3 straight power runs for another first down, and the Giants are playing strong on this opening drive.

Outstanding! Manning sees the blitz, avoids it without panic, and completes another 3rd down pass to get the Giants inside the 20. But then he throws incomplete into double coverage in the endzone. But now the Patriots show up and stop NY on 3rd down to force the field goal.

The Giants get on the board first at 3-0. They take nearly 10 minutes off the clock to shorten the game, but not scoring a TD is a problem.

Commercials in that segment were pretty good...nothing approaching greatness so far, but they can't all be classics.

The Patriots get a big return from Laurence Maroney on the kick off out to the 44 yard line.

The Giants nearly get a big sack on the first play, which was a screen with a lot of fakes that took too long to develop. NE comes back with a basic run that goes for 8 yards, bringing up 3rd and short, which the Patriots pick up with another run from Maroney.

The NE offense is moving the ball fairly easily, despite several incomplete passes. Brady doesn't look sharp on this drive, but now they do get the pass interference call in the endzone on 3rd down.

Love the Bridgestone commercial with the screaming squirrel!


  1. what was with the lizard dancing to thriller?

    and the badger nursing in the car?

    way too many animal commercials...

  1. Bond says:

    liked the Godfather take off...

    if Katherine thinks there are too many animal cmmercials she better not go over to


  1. already went there for my step dad to see the "exposure" commercial....rolling my eyes....

  1. I liked the planters nut commercial

  1. Mags says:

    So, the first quarter is my FAVORITE. Why? B/c I won $100!!! I now love football. :) I could possibly win $200 more, but I'm happy with my $100.

    Also, it's rather neat being in Boston right's halftime and there are fireworks going off somewhere in downtown. Fun.

  1. Mags says:

    And also, I liked the nut commercial too. :)

  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: The badgers were kind of funny, but I don't know what lizards have to do with water.

    V: I didn't watch the go daddy one.

    Katherine: Hmmm...maybe I should go watch it.

    Sarge: That one was funny.

    Mags: Congrats!