Giants vs Patriots, quarter the 2nd

Posted: Sunday, February 03, 2008 by Travis Cody in

We've had our first Super Bowl record...fewest possessions in a quarter with 2.

And the second quarter begins with a short run from Maroney to put the Patriots up 7-3.

The commercials in that break were entertaining.

NY gets a break on the kick off when NE kicks it out of bounds. So the Giants' second drive begins at the 40.

The Fedex commercial with the pigeons was funny. So was the Tide "silence the stain" spot.

Burris drops a pass for a first down. And then Manning makes a throw that I thought was going to be a mistake, but Amani Toomer makes the catch on the sidelines at the 19 yard line, and NY is in business. Toomer got away with a push off on the play.

The NY protection has been great so far, picking up blitzes and giving Manning plenty of time to stay in the pocket, but now his reciever can't make a clean catch and the ball pops up for the defender to pick off. That's the kind of mistake the Giants are prone to as they led the league in dropped passes.

Love me some Budweiser clydesdale commercials and this one with Hank and the dalmation in training is worthy.

The Giants defense comes up big and holds the Patriots to a 3 and out after the turnover. RW McQuarters gets a good return and the Giants avoid getting pinned deep.

HA!! Napolean with a Garmin GPS system! Now that's comedy!

I like the aggressive play call to throw, but Manning gets sacked. And now we get a fumble on the hand off exchange. Fortunately Ahmad Bradshaw dug it loose from a NE defender.

That was an ugly series that NY needs to avoid in the future. They are lucky to be able to punt here and force the longer field for NE.

I don't know what lizards have to do with Life Water, but the dancing was cool.

The defenses for both teams are starting to take control. NY gets a big sack of Brady to force 3rd and long. And they sack him again! That's back to back 3 and out from the Patriots. That doesn't happen often.

The Giants get good field position again on the poor punt.

Brandshaw breaks off a 13 yard run for another NY first down, getting the Giants into NE territory again. The run game is really effective at this point. Jacobs rattles off another good run for a first down.

Oh geez! Manning fumbles and the Giants end up recovering for a first down. But Bradshaw gets called for illegally batting the ball forward. So NY gets a 10 yard penalty, keeps the ball, and it's 3rd and long again. Now Manning looks like he's pressing a bit as he nearly throws another interception.

There's a few movies that look interesting from Iron Man to Leathernecks to Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian.

A promising drive for NY ends in a punt.

Dana! Did you see the commercial with the timbersnake abuse???? Bwahahahahahahaha!

The Patriots have 1:47 and 3 times out, with the ball on the 11 yard line. The Giants defense continues to step up, forcing an incomplete pass and then a loss of 3 on the run.

But NE didn't get to 18-0 by folding under pressure as they pick up a quick first down.

Brady is taking a pounding from the NY defense. He's getting knocked down quite a bit. In fact, the Giants have stepped up on the hard hitting all around. Even with the hard hitting, the Patriots are still moving the ball on this drive.

Until right then...Brady fumbled and the Giants get the ball.

You know what? The Giants dominated that half and they are right there in the game. Now if the offense can just figure out how to score...

Oh that was close on the deep ball. And your halftime score is 7-3.

Your MVP of the first half is Justin Tuck from NY with 5 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.


  1. Bond says:

    Funny...some of our comments are totally in sync...

    LOVED the Timbersnake abuse...
    Totally agree that Jason Tuck is the MVP at the moment and that the Giants need to be more aggressive on Offense

  1. the clydesdale spots are always fun.

    the doritos mouse one made me laugh.

    what did you think about the Declaration of Independence gig at the very made me a bit teary....sigh....

  1. Travis says:

    V: I still think the defense was most valuable, but they had to give it to Eli for that last drive. That's how legends are made.

    Katherine: I liked it, but I wasn't really sure what it had to do with the game.

  1. apparently they have been doing the Declaration thing for many years.