The Final Four

Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2008 by Travis Cody in

For the first time in tournament history, all four #1 seeds have advanced to the Final Four.

South regional champion Memphis plays West regional champion UCLA.

Midwest regional champion Kansas plays East regional champion North Carolina.

Looks like the tournament selection committee got it right. Cool.


  1. Bond says:

    Sure looks like they did...

    Well we liked the look of it and have all 4 in...

  1. Travis says:

    V: Congratulations! This was one year when it paid to advance all four #1 seeds.

  1. You know what I think did indeed get it right.

  1. nc v ucla in the final two

  1. Well I am glad Bonds peoples are in. March Madness makes my eyeballs spin. Cause I don't really do basketball. To me it is just sweaty men with glandular problems dribbling a ball :P

  1. Travis says:

    Mike: I think all four teams are deserving and it should be an excellent Final Four.

    Sarge: That's entirely possible.

    Starr: Just three more games to go.

  1. Kimmie says: aren't going to believe this!!! I actually sat down and started watching the Kansas game yesterday afternoon. I thought at the time they were up by like 16 points if I counted correctly. So, I did it...Squeeky sneaks and all! (wasn't as bad as I had remembered)...anyhow, I was watching and all the sudden I woke up and the next game was playing. I was so tired from such a busy weekend I passed out cold. I will definately try to watch the championship games. I think for the time I WAS watching I actually enjoyed it. ;-) I think because I started watching with Kansas playing, I will root for them, seems like the right thing to do.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    NC v Memphis.
    I don't think UCLA can hang with Memphis. I would have loved to see a Hansbrough/Love match up though. If it is a NC/Memphis game, I think Hansbrough will wear Dorsey out! Like most big men, Dosey has a tendency to take a little time off now and then, while Hansbrough has only one speed and that is full speed.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Love v Dorsey in the semi-final will be a war worth paying to see though.

  1. Travis says:

    Kimmie: Good for you! You had a nap and still picked a team to root for! LOL!

    Drilleraa: If we get UNC vs Memphis I have a chance at a cup of coffee from my boss, but UNC has to win. If UCLA gets into the championship, then the coffee is on me. Hansbrough is amazing! And I give Love the edge against Dorsey because Love is the better scorer. Should be a good couple of games though.

  1. I got three of four. Oh well, I'm thinking it's UNC's year, whether I want it to be or not.

    (Don't kill me, Katherine!)